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This tool is used to validate OCFL content against the requirements of the OCFL specification. Although the validator does not provide complete coverage of all the requirements in the specification, the coverage is almost complete and documented on the validation_status page.

The validator can be run over the entire OCFL storage root, or just over individual OCFL objects.


These instructions include a "quick start" to get an initial, experimental, testing environment setup. Once the basic setup/execution details have been established, the "real" tests should be performed on a production-like system.

  1. Download and install the Python scripts
    1. git clone
      pip install .
    2. Python 3 is required. Alternate installation instructions
  2. Produce OCFL content either via the interacting with Fedora 6, or via running the migration-utils tooling against an existing Fedora 3
  3. Validate the OCFL storage root
    1. For example:

      python3 /tmp/fcrepo/data/ocfl-root/
  4. Or, validate individual OCFL objects
    1. For example:

      python3 /tmp/fcrepo/data/ocfl-root/085/648/691/08564869163bce36f95f056928bc4586c2c24c7dbd6473f10db0d71df13027c0/
  5. Document the results of your validation (template needed)
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