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The following tests are used for measuring the timing of fixed-scope operations. Specifically, the tests take an input argument that specifies the number of resources to be created in Fedora. Once the resources have been loaded, a final request is performed to measure the response time of a target resource. The current set of bash scripts are focused on the response times for retrieving Fedora resources with either many child resources, or many properties. The scripts should be extended to Versioning and Search functionality.


These instructions include a "quick start" to get an initial, experimental, testing environment setup. Once the basic setup/execution details have been established, the "real" tests should be performed on a production-like system.

Quick Start

  1. Download bash scripts
    1. git clone
    2. The README details which scripts work against Fedora 6

  2. Download / Install Fedora
    1. Deployment
    2. The one-click application is a quick way to get started
  3. Run tests
    1. For example:

      ./n-binaries 1000 500

Full Instructions

  1. Step #1 from "Quick Start" is the same
  2. Regarding step #2 (Installing Fedora), it is important to configure the Java HotSpot VM Options, as appropriate
  3. Document both the server and client machine specs
    1. Performance Test Result template
    2. Determining Hardware Properties
  4. Run tests as noted in step #3
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