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Hydra (instructions)


Tested by

Success? RC-1

Success RC-2



HyraxJennifer Smith(tick)
SufiaJennifer Smith(tick)(tick)Tested sufia 7.3-stable branch.  Had to change i18n gem to version 0.8.1.
ValkyrieEsmé Cowles(tick)(tick)
Avalon 6.0(tick)(tick)Also currently running on our AWS based staging environment. Plans to do load testing and performance testing as well.



Tested by

Success? RC-1

Success? RC-2


(tick)Tested basic CRUD and "relaxed" system properties.



Tested by

Success? RC-1

Success? RC-2



fcrepo-api-x-demo (Docker)
(tick)Previous versions of Fedora had to be patched due to unreleased bugfixes. 4.7.4-RC2 worked OK out of the box.

Testing Plan

git clone https://github.com/fcrepo4/fcrepo4
cd fcrepo4
git checkout 4.7.4-RC

Sanity Builds

ProjectCommandPlatformTested bySuccess RC1?Success RC2?Notes
fcrepo4mvn clean install


fcrepo4mvn clean install mac Jared Whiklo  (tick)(tick) 
fcrepo4mvn clean installwindows Aaron Birkland (tick) 
fcrepo-module-auth-rbaclmvn clean installlinux
fcrepo-module-auth-rbaclmvn clean install mac(tick) (tick) 
fcrepo-module-auth-rbaclmvn clean installwindows Aaron Birkland (tick) 
fcrepo-module-auth-xacmlmvn clean install linux (tick) 
fcrepo-module-auth-xacmlmvn clean install mac(tick) (tick) 
fcrepo-module-auth-xacmlmvn clean installwindowsAaron Birkland  (tick) 
fcrepo-module-auth-webacmvn clean install linux
fcrepo-module-auth-webacmvn clean install mac(tick) (tick) 
fcrepo-module-auth-webacmvn clean installwindowsAaron Birkland  (tick) 
fcrepo-mintmvn clean install linux (tick) 
fcrepo-mintmvn clean install mac(tick) (tick) 
fcrepo-mintmvn clean installwindowsAaron Birkland  (tick) 
fcrepo-auditmvn clean install linux (tick) 
fcrepo-auditmvn clean install mac(tick) 
fcrepo-auditmvn clean installwindows Aaron Birkland (tick) 
fcrepo-webapp-plusmvn clean install linux
fcrepo-webapp-plusmvn clean install mac(tick) 
fcrepo-webapp-plusmvn clean install windows Aaron Birkland (tick) 
fcrepo-webapp-plusmvn clean install -Pwebac linux


fcrepo-webapp-plusmvn clean install -Pwebacmac(tick) 
fcrepo-webapp-plusmvn clean install -Pwebacwindows Aaron Birkland (tick) 

One-Click Run

cd fcrepo-webapp; mvn clean install -Pone-click
CommandPlatform Tested bySuccess RC1? Success RC2?Notes
java -jar fcrepo-webapp-<version>-SNAPSHOT-jetty-console.jarLinux(tick) 
java -jar fcrepo-webapp-<version>-SNAPSHOT-jetty-console.jarMac Danny Bernstein(tick) 

java -jar fcrepo-webapp-<version>-SNAPSHOT-jetty-console.jar

Windows Aaron Birkland (tick) 

Manual Tests

All of the below should take place in the HTML UI and non-vagrant tests should run against fcrepo-webapp-plus.

  1. Create nested containers
  2. Create binary resources
  3. Run fixity on binary
  4. Update Properties:  Perform SPARQL-Update on container
  5. Update Properties:  Perform SPARQL-Update on binary
  6. Delete container
  7. Delete binary
  8. Use transactions
  9. Create versions
  10. View versions
  11. Rollback versions

Database Tests

With Tomcat7 deployment, run above manual tests with alternate backend databases (Configuring JDBC Object Store)

DatabasePlatformTested bySuccess RC2?Notes
MySQL osx (tick) except issue with #9(error)

Should versioning the root node be a problem? Unable to locate Jira server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.

Issue has nothing to do with mysql or database use.

PostgreSQL linux Jared Whiklo(tick) 

Postgres 9.3.14

fcr:backup/fcr:restore Functionality

These tests are designed to ensure the proper function of the 'fcr:backup/fcr:restore' features by testing them against various Fedora configurations.  The validity of the 'restore' can only be determined by crawling the repository and verifying the successful retrieval of the repository's content.

If the anticipated Fedora release is not backwards compatible with the previous version of Fedora, then the "From Fedora Version" should be the previous version.  Otherwise, it is sufficient to test the fcr:backup/fcr:restore functionality using the same version.

See: RESTful HTTP API - Backup and Restore

# Backup
curl -X POST localhost:8080/rest/fcr:backup
# Restore
curl -X POST -d "/path/to/backup/directory" localhost:8080/rest/fcr:restore


  • These python scripts - fcrepo-testing - can be used to load RDF content and binary content to a Fedora repository and verify the integrity of the loaded resources.  Output from the load process can be used to verify the integrity of a 'restored' repository.  See the README for more info.
  • This script can be used to walk your repository, failing if a non-success response is encountered.


Tested by






From Fedora

To Fedora 

Number of

RDF Resources

Number of


Size of Backup (du -h .)




NB: "Success" is measured not by receiving a "204 No Content" message after the 'fcr:restore' command, but by performing a GET on every resource in the repository and receiving "200 OK" messages. 

Vagrant Tests

vagrant destroy
vagrant up
Test stepsTested bySuccess RC1?Success RC2?Notes










Manual Tests

Same as above, plus:

  1. Verify audit events are in triplestore
  2. Verify resources are in triplestore
  3. Verify resources are in Solr
  4. Verify authorization works for the two auth-enabled configurations
  5. Verify reindexing to triplestore works

Backwards Compatibility Tests

  1. Start 4.7.0 one-click
  2. Load sample datasets via /fcr:restore
  3. Run test scripts on 4.7.0
  4. Stop 4.7.0
  5. Start RC one-click
  6. Run test scripts on RC
  7. ReStart RC
  8. Run test scripts on RC
Tested bySuccess RC2Notes


[1] Testing scripts

[2] Fedora 4 Release Test Suite

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