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This POC would focus on the mechanics of using an extension for the purpose of validation

  • Pick a dead simple validation rule (e.g. required cardinality of a property)
  • Pick a simple representation (serialization?) for the rule
  • Specify responses that result from failed validation (4xx error?)
  • Create an extension that filters all requests to Fedora, applying the simple validation rule
    • New objects
    • Modifications to objects
    • Deletion? 
  • Verify that the extension produces the desired response


This POC would focus on the mechanics of collecting and presenting the information necessary to make individual extensions discoverable

  • Create dummy "hello world" extensions, exposed at defined URIs for certain kinds of objects
  • Have the framework provide a web resource that produces an (rdf) document links these dummy services
  • Verify that extensions are linked where appropriate

Provenance Stream

This POC would leverage the existing  audit mechanisms to produce a representation of the audit events for a Fedora object, as described in the use case evaluation

  • Enable the fcrepo audit service such that audit records are deposited into the repository
  • Create an extension that provides a simple list of the URIs of resources that correspond to audit records
    • Possibly as a thin wrapper over fcr:transform, if that is possible
  • Verify the correctness of the contents of the list produced by the extension




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