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TitleProactive repository health check
Primary ActorRepository Administrator, Preservation Archivist
ScopeOrganization (black-box)
LevelVery High Summary
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

The repository should proactively provide the capability to check and provide status on its contents out of the box. This could include the following:

  • Maintain a registry of items (objects / resources) in the repository.
  • Out of the box, routinely check the validity of all items at a frequency easily specified by a system administrator. For example, the default frequency could be annually, but easily configurable to quarterly. These checks may take considerable time and could be asynchronous.
  • Log the results and notify the administrator of any errors.
  • Provide the capability to obtain the overall health of the repository at any time, returning relatively recent rollup results. For example:
    • Results could include how many items were checked in the last day/week/month/quarter year, any items that have not been checked in more than 3/6/12 months, and summary success / failure of the checks.
    • Results could be summarized daily with the most recent daily result provided back to the original requester.