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The following numbers were gathered on the 6 node FIZ cluster.

Node network I/O performance

The physical hosts have a 1gb/s network connection using a NetGear switch the nodes are connected by at most one hop.

Node hdd performance

solws2$  sync;time sudo bash -c "(dd if=/dev/zero of=bf bs=8k count=500000; sync)"

500000+0 records in
500000+0 records out
4096000000 bytes (4.1 GB) copied, 105.135 s, 39.0 MB/s


Test Utility



A. Ingest bench using fcrepo4
Created 1000 objects with one datastream of 100mb size  using 20 threads

Size: 1000 * 1048576 bytes = 100gb
Duration: 3319473090 ms
Throughput: 0.6 mb/s



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  1. What are the units of the 'x' and 'y' axes?