A Stakeholder in API Extension Architecture effort (API-X) is any individual who has potential business interest in using API-X in support a use case in production, and wishes to play a part in determining the direction of the API-X design, development, or implementation effort.

A stakeholder in API-X potentially has two areas of interest:  The API-X framework as a whole, or specific use cases.  These interests may be disjoint in time, and may evolve in time.  The set of stakeholders involved at API-X at any given moment determines the direction of the collective effort of the whole group.   This effort may be directed towards the API-X framework itself, or specific extensions that have a shared interest among several stakeholders.  


  1. Prioritize work, determine overall goals for development sprints
  2. Ratify API-X framework requirements implied by your individual use cases, or areas of interest
    1. Use case evaluations should have a list of potential requirements to choose from.
  3. Collectively decide on milestones and deliverables for API-X sprints
    1. This may include development on specific extensions, the framework as a whole, or interactions between the two
  4. Review the deliverables produced from development sprints
  5. Communication with the technical/developer communities.  Informing potential interested parties as to the API-X progress.
    1. Summarize sprints and communicate results to relevant communities

Current List of Stakeholders

This is the current list of stakeholders in the API-X, as well as a brief description of their use cases or area of interest.  

Please add yourself to this list at any time if you wish to self-identify as a stakeholder



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