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Title (goal)Multi-tenancy Single Fedora Instance
Primary ActorSystem Admin
StoryAs a system administrator I would like to be able to have multiple tenants in the same fedora instance, without having to resort to using naming conventions and xacml policies to restrict access.


  1. Absolute necessity. Collections of objects must have an indentified Owner in the Bodleian as part of basic collection management practice. Researchers are effectively ephemeral as their interest does not last longer than a project after which the object may be the subject of work by others. The Owner has a role of editor and curator of the collection as well as controlling subsequent access access. Running separate Fedora instances for each owner or fiddling with XACML (which can't handle multiple authorisation contexts) are not sensible options. 

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    We at Tufts have multiple large organizations (e.g. a library, an archives,etc.) who would like to curate any number of collections for their customers or organizations, but do so with different policies, guidelines, and workflows. Ideally we would like to minimize the number of backend Fedora instances running – separate the systems administration of the infrastructure from the policy decisions of the curator.