The Fedora Repository software is open source and released under an Apache License, Version 2.0. The software and associated documentation is developed collectively by a community of contributors and committers. All interested community members are encouraged to contribute to the project. Contributors who demonstrate sustained engagement with the project through quality participation in meetings, mailing lists, documentation and code updates can be nominated by existing committers to also become a committer. It should be emphasized that committers need not be limited to software developers. Community members with skills in documentation and testing, for example, can also be committers.


Committers share the following rights:

  • Write access to the codebase
  • Nomination privileges of new committers
  • Release management privileges
  • Binding votes on procedural, code modification, and release issues
  • Access to the private committers mailing list


Committers share the following responsibilities:

  • Monitor and respond to project mailing lists
  • Attend project and technical meetings
  • Monitor and vet bug-tracker issues
  • Review and commit code contributions
  • Ensure code contributions are properly licensed
  • Guide and mentor new committers
  • Uphold the DuraSpace code of conduct


The following is an alphabetized list of the current Fedora committers:

NameOrganizationEmailCode Signing Key
Danny BernsteinLyrasisdabylon at gmail dot com


Yinlin ChenVirginia Techylchen at vt dot edu


Peter EichmanUniversity of Marylandpeichman at umd dot edu40A453E9591C5F4DB4C95A6EE204FDB291FAE80E
Ben PennellUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hillbbpennel at email dot unc dot eduE908B0F4127E06E8D308D8B6A6E4F4DB148A72B2
Bethany SeegerJHU (formerly)


Jared WhikloUniversity of Manitobajwhiklo at gmail dot com


Peter WincklesUniversity of Wisconsin, Madisonpeter dot winckles at wisc dot edu8685BDB5D7BD8504E684B824D25BF3195C5A729E
Andrew WoodsHarvard University Librariesawoods at duraspace dot org7BCE77FB75D06477C7A1D6EF04BE1CAB70B358DF

Contributor Profiles

The Fedora project depends on the engagement and contributions of community stakeholders. As noted above, contributions can take the form of:

  • Documentation review and curation
  • Application testing
  • Software development


Documentors contribute by reviewing, correcting, updating, and enhancing the project documentation found on this wiki targeting users and administrators of Fedora.


  • Interest in technical writing


Testers contribute by performing and reporting on the outcomes of a wide range of tests, including performance, security, stress, regression, etc. on an on-going as well as release-time basis.


  • Ability to deploy and configure Fedora
  • Ability to document and communicate results
  • Bonus: Familiarity with testing frameworks, such as Grinder, JMeter, etc


Developers contribute by writing functional and test code that fixes, hardens, and extends the Fedora codebase.


  • Experience with software development practices (the codebase is primarily Java, but many of the project's contributors do not come with a Java background)
  • Experience reading and tracing multi-module codebases
  • Experience debugging issues
  • Interest in reading community standards and forming implementations around them

Emeritus Committers

Ben ArmintorColumbia University
Chris BeerStanford University
Aaron CoburnAmherst College
Adam SorokaSmithsonian Institute
Nick RuestYork University
Mike DurbinUniversity of Virginia
Esmé CowlesPrinceton University


This is a list of all known general contributors to post-Fedora 3 software. These people have contributed to at least one version of Fedora (as of Fedora 4.7.1)

University of Michigan
University of Houston
University of Oxford
Brown University
Indiana University

The Ohio State University
Islandora Foundation
Duke University
Metro New York Library Council
National Library of Medicine

Johns Hopkins University
Yale University

University of California, Berkeley
University of Maryland
University of Michigan
Brown University
University of Minho
Lafayette College
University of Oklahoma
Duke University
University of Manitoba
University of Maryland
Stanford University

Carleton University
Art Institute of Chicago

University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, San Diego

Stanford University
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of Maryland
Princeton University
Indiana University

Art Institute of Chicago
University of Prince Edward Island
California Digital Library
University of Maryland
SLUB Dresden
University of Edinburgh
J. Paul Getty Trust
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sébastien Leroux

Art Institute of Chicago
Northwestern University
Boston Public Library
University of North Florida
Princeton University
Centers for Disease Control
Max Planck Digital Library
Virginia Tech
discoverygarden inc.

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