Below are the Governance Group Members and their associated term dates. Governance terms will run from September - August.

**Note: In 2022 Governance made the decision to combine the Leadership and Steering Groups until August 2023 at which point we will reevaluate this decision based on membership levels in time for the next round of elections.**

Governance Group Members

All new Governance Group terms are 2 years in length. Some Governance Group members are serving out existing Steering terms from before the merger of Governance Groups, which is why some term lengths are different.

MemberInstitutionTerm StartTerm End
James AlexanderThe Open University, UK20222024
Alexander Berg-Weiß

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich

Dan CoughlinPenn State University

Jon DunnIndiana University

Kate DoheUniversity of Maryland20212023
Maria EstevaTexas Advanced Computing Center, DesignSafe CI20222024
Jennifer GilbertNational Library of Medicine20212024
Heather Greer-KleinSamvera20212023
Jeremy KurtzArizona State University20212023
Rosalyn MetzEmory University Libraries20202023
Scott PraterUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison20222024
Robin RuggaberUniversity of Virginia

Oliver SchönerBerlin State Library20202022
Tim ShearerUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill20222024
Terry ReeseThe Ohio State University Libraries

Thomas WrobelUniversity of Oxford20222024

** No term indicates Platinum Level Member which has no term limits.**

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