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  • Alan Stanley
  • Amy Blau
  • Dana Bronson
  • Dara Virks
  • David Wilcox
  • Kun Lin
  • Paige Morfitt 




  1. What has everyone been working on?
  2. What will you be working on over the next couple weeks?
  3. Are there any blockers that are preventing you from getting work done?

Priorities and areas of focus

  1. What needs attention over the next couple weeks?
Wrap-up and next steps


  1. Updates
    1. Dara
      1. Schedule got pushed out by about a week
      2. Redid site profile, plan to contribute back to Foundation
      3. Target next Tuesday: updated configs, merged in theme updates
      4. Holding off on multi-file media for now
    2. Alan
      1. Added a module to run a quick fixity check on ingest
      2. Having some issues with certificates between staging and development servers
      3. Installing Workbench on Islandora 8 server which has complete access to Islandora 7 server
    3. Amy
      1. Took a look at initial sample objects
      2. Things mostly look good, some issues with large image viewer but this will be fixed
      3. Search does not appear to be working on the newspapers, this will be fixed as well
      4. Compound object display is a little strange
      5. Audio player appears to work
      6. Does the video player currently support captions?
      7. Need to figure out linked agents - what information needs to be in the spreadsheets?
      8. Fields display - different fields for different types of objects?
        1. Right now empty fields won't display. This is sufficient for now
      9. Ingest
        1. Spreadsheet ingest via workbench - need documentation
        2. Documenting configuration changes