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  1. Review PRs
    1. Fixing link to test suite
  2. Fixity sidecar
    1. See
  3. Release a second draft recommendation?


  1. Review PR: waiting for Ben's +1
    1. merged
  2. Fixity sidecar
    1. Reconciling various existing HTTP headers with the desire for a 1-request fixity process seems hard to do
    2. There is a draft of a Memento-style fixity service, which seems like a good option to explore
    3. Working on that as a sidecar spec makes sense to avoid scope creep or raising the bar for implementations
    4. Process: people advocating for fixity service should participate in drafting the sidecar spec, possibly adjusting the membership of the spec editors' group
  3. New draft release
    1. There aren't any issues we'd like to address before 1.0, so we're really just waiting for implementations and TCK
    2. What should we call it?
      1. Beta/Release Candidate? We think it's complete, but still open to comments from implementations about whether the spec is implementable
      2. Previous docs called it "Candidate Recommendation", so that seems to be a good idea
      3. ReSpec controls the exact display, so we may need to work within what it allows
  4. Action Items:
    1. Esmé Cowles: share Memento-style doc and comment on #373 that it should be a sidecar spec
    2. Simeon Warner: do another review, then create PR to update title
    3. Andrew Woods: publish new CR and publicize
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