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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and slack chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:



  1. Progress Report on  Fcrepo-Cloud-Migrator Tool
  2. Message emission in for inbound link targets.
    1. FCREPO-2803 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2.   FCREPO-2804 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
  3. Review Spec committee's direction on Fedora API Specification github issue (one-step fixity check)
    1. Also what about dangling question about storing checksums as a server managed triple? 
  4. Sprint doodle poll results:  emerging consensus
    1. Sept 10-24
    2. Oct 1-14 
  5. OR:  
    1. Dinner Meetup? 
    2. T-Shirts
    3. Intro Workshop
    4. Talks you're giving,  talks you're excited about?
  6. Getting to 5.0 
    1. Review of work that happened this week: 
      1. PRs merged for 
        1. FCREPO-2792 - Getting issue details... STATUS
        2. FCREPO-2795 - Getting issue details... STATUS

      2. Remaining external content (low-hanging: ie volunteers?) issues:

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        Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

      1. 5.x Documentation Effort
        1. 5.x Documentation Updates matrix
    2. Ecosystem tools progress report
      1. import export tool
      2. camel tool kit  
      3. fcrepo4-vagrant
      4. java client 
      5. api-x 
  7. Reviving OAI Support 

Ticket Summaries

    1. Please squash a bug!

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      Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

    2. Tickets resolved this week:

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      Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

    3. Tickets created this week:

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      Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution


  1. Fcrepo-cloud-migrator update
    • Northwestern need to move to an external s3 based resources and multitenancy.  
    • Ruby script ties into the import export tool
    • Fully tested by the end of June.
    • Export is 60 GB  (binaries, rdf, versions)
    • Tool will be useful to anyone migrating from a Fedora 4 instance with locally managed binaries to a cloud-based Fedora with binaries externally managed in S3. 
    • Should be mentioned in the newsletter.
  2. Issues related Indexing not burdening the system
    • Request is not to send out two events when one item is linked to another item (one per item), 2803 is to figure out where in the code base the event is kicked off and create a different event that could be filtered via listener.  Ideally solution is to recategorize the event so the events are still there if you want the event (for reindexing, etc) but it is not clear if this is a viable solution.  General consensus on continuing to generate the events but make them easier to filter.  2806 stems from discussion from 2604.
  3. Comments from fixity verification meeting but minimal discussion topics.  It seems that the community wants this and the issue is figuring out the best path forward to implement this/API changes involved in this.  
    • Implementation question where the checksums would be stored
    • Potentially add automatic calculation of SHA1 for external files (AWS S3 does MD5 and SHA256 automatically)
    • Upon creation of an external binary, provide the checksum as you know it, should Fedora validate that checksum and then store it?  It might/should work as is via verify checksums.  Does require streaming the content to Fedora
  4. Sprint Doodle Poll Results, poll is ongoing additional names added but consensus seems to remain around those dates
    • Possible August dates, wait for more people to sign up
    • Poll closes at the end of the week: perhaps we should consider extending it a couple more weeks
  5. If you are going to OR contact Danny Bernstein about organizing an OR dinner, no day set yet.
    • Teeshirts will also be available at OR, if you're interested ask Danny on slack about size of the teeshirt
    • Danny is giving a workshop on Fedora (40 to 60 people estimated), support would be appreciated for the hands on section if anyone else wants to come
    • Yinlin Chen will give an OR talk June 6th, link to the talk: Toward Cloud-Native Digital Repositories
    • Doron Shalvi will be at OR and is interested in talking about fixity and cloud migration 
  6. Couple PRs merged over the past week, 
    • Any interest in tackling the low hanging issues regarding external content?  Should be easy to get in and get out on
    • Documentation is moving well, kudos to Kevin Ford for tackling many of the issues
    • Much of the documentation should just be verification, so many of the pages can be reviewed quickly (under 30 mins), others could contribute easily 
    • Someone needs to send out an email to fedora-tech to see if anyone is using the java client without the camel toolkit (can the camel toolkit be updated without having to update the java client)
  7. Questions came up at Fedora camp about OAI support
    • Seems like there would be interest in an OAI plugin or extension 
    • Appears there was one in an early version of 4 (last offered 4.4), now broken.  What is the interest level in bringing that back?
    • Earlier version was tied to features that have since been dropped, such as internal search (note that internal search might come back).  Would need a rewrite to bring back.  If it was easy it would have already been been.
    • Email on the listserv from March with Andrew Woods encouraging the community to revive the feature but no traction
    • Need a user and someone to maintain it, otherwise something would just get written, neglected, and eventually break
  8. ImportExport Tool

Next week's meeting is cancelled due to OR

    • Write JIRA ticket regarding calculating the SHA1 checksums Carrick Rogers ( FCREPO-2805 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Consider Extending Doodle Poll to later date, it closes this Friday (Danny Bernstein)
    • Send an email to fedora-tech seeing if anyone is using the java client (people are and importexport tool uses it)
    • Send email to community seeing who is interested in reviving OAI

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