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  1. Addressing External Content: Redirect or Proxy?
    1. pr-343 - message/external-body -> Link header
    2. issue-338 - Define custom headers for external content requests
    3. issue-344 - Add Accept-External-Content-Scheme header? 
    4. issue-308 - Clarify expectations around external body content and Accept-Post response header
    5. Question: How to support LDP-NR headers on GET and HEAD for `redirect` handling?
  2. Pull requests:

    1. pr-334 - Add version number to specification title (let it sit until 1.0 release date)
  3. New issues?
  4. Tidying and reviewing the spec


  1. External Content
    1. PR-343: Andrew Woods and Daniel Lamb to approve pending minor updates from review.
    2. ISSUE-344: No objections, pending PR-343, but noted that we might be bloating the headers a little bit.
    3. ISSUE-308: Will be resolved via PR-343
    4. Andrew Woods to make an issue for "How to support LDP-NR headers on GET and HEAD for `redirect` handling?" - done: issue-345
  2. Spec Test Suite
    1. Some of the links of have been updated to point to the Draft spec, and an additional PR was made recently.

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