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  1. Fedora API Specification - targeting an April-ish release

  2. Round-robin of Implementation plans and status
    1. Which features are currently or will be supported?
    2. What timeline is being targeted?
    3. Would additional community support be helpful?
  3. Feedback on specification from implementation experience
  4. Next steps


  • Implementations: 
    • Cavendish (Ben Armintor)
      • All binaries are stored externally
      • Moving away from BlazeGraph (probably towards Neo4J) because BlazeGraph is not supporting community verison
      • How compliant with specification? 
      • Aiming for full "MUST" compliance by April but authorization may not be done.
    • Trellis (Aaron Coburn)
      • Implements LDP, Memento, WebAC, Activity Streams, Instance Digests
      • The core of Trellis provides a collection of JAVA APIs (interfaces), independent of any particular persistence layer
      • 1st persistence implementation is distributed and uses Kafka and Zookeeper (released)
      • 2nd persistence implementation is built on a triple store (or local dataset) (complete but not yet released)
      • 3rd persistence implementation is built on Cassandra (in development)
      • Timeframe:
    • Drastic Fedora (Greg Janson)
      • Basing on trellis (cassandra) version
      • Primary difference between trellis and drastic? 
        • Drastic supports other protocols (like WebDAV)
      • No immediate plans to bring into compliance with the Fedora Specification but will consider it if there is sufficient interest in the project.
    • Derby (Tom)
      • Right now represents a smaller subset of features that are used by samvera.
      • No Memento support yet.  But quite a lot of work has been done towards this end.
      • In memory LDP server used in samvera test projects
      • Fairly stagnant at the moment,  no immediate plans to bring it into compliance.
        • Will more pressing to bring it into compliance once samvera adopts 5.0.0
      • Not a huge amount of effort to make Derby persistent (sql lite or a triplestore)
    • Esmero (Diego)
      • PHP
        • developers are more available worldwide
        • php7 is quite fast
      • Servless implementation 
        • AWS lambda
        • S3 
      • Perhaps you can work together with the folks at Northwestern on the serverless impl
    • Trlpy  (Simeon Warner)
    • Modeshape
      • Modeshape implementation will hopefully be ready in the April / May timeframe 
  • Greg Jansen : using  to do some stress testing.  It would be good to include other implementations to see how the performance is comparatively.  The intention is for it to be possible to work against different specifications.
    • Timeframe for availability?  Summer 2018
    • Looking to highlight performance in various scenarios
    • Dockerizing your implementation is key to getting it into the pool of implementations to be tested.
    • Get in touch with Greg and attend the bimonthly meetings.
  • Re the specification:  the intention is to have two "fully conforming" specifications before finalizing the spec.
    • We may need to relax some points of the spec to get to two fully conforming specifications. 
    • The current aim of the spec is interoperability.  If that is not something that the community demands we can look.
    • The TCK will at a minimum make it clear what features are supported.
  • Islandora's Requirements of a Fedora implementation
    • PUT (PUT to create, specifically)
    • DELETE
    • Memento Versioning
    • WebAC (basic usage only, mostly to bind different user groups to subtrees)

Action Items

  • Daniel Lamb to document what features Islandora relies on
  • Send a message to samvera list soliciting documentation of features that samvera relies on
  • Andrew Woods will set up a meeting for April to see where things stand.
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