Agenda and Minutes

  1. Updates
    1. Camel updated to 2.19.x, ActiveMQ to 5.15
      1. Incompatibilities with Camel jetty component fixed - OPTIONS requests are now ignored by default in 2.19.x
      2. Need to do PR against repository-extension-services in order to upgrade it to 2.19.x as well
    2. Authorization turned on by default
      1. Lots of config and doc changes
      2. Updates to rdf visualization extension in order to handle authn nuances
        1. orginal request headers (from client, which may include auth headers) included in requests to fcrepo
        2. If non-success response from fcrepo, that response is forwarded to user verbatim (may include WWW-authenticate header)
    3. Adding Solr + camel toolbox services
      1. PR currently being debugged before being submitted
  2. Issues
    1. Exception thrown when requesting service docs
    2. Should exposed service URI analyzer throw an exception if two extensions declare the same path?
  3. Fedora 5 compatibility?
    1. Persisting ontologies (as binaries) may be the only incompatibility
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