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Call in details:



  1. Introductions
    1. Familiarity with code base, areas of interest
    2. Introduction to the spec drafting effort, and where we are now
  2. Process - standups, design meetings, tickets, escalating questions to spec experts, etc
  3. Roles - Development, testing, documentation
  4. Initial scope for Sprint 1
    1. Breadth: maximal coverage from Fedora API Delta Document?
    2. Depth:  re-think our approach to snapshot versioning, and links within versions?
    3. Remove non-compliant aspects of API, where addressed by the spec?
      1. e.g when creating LDP-NRs that contain RDF, the spec indicates a client should include a `link rel=type` header specifying LDP-NR.  The old way was to use a `Content-Disposition` header.  Do we remove the old Content-Disposition behaviour after we support link rel-type?
    4. Evaluating API spec and providing feedback/suggestions?
    5. Bugfixes?
    6. ?
  5. Initial tasks for Sprint 1
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  1. Aaron Birkland :  I'm going to be out on Monday unfortunately,  but I plan to be heads down Tues-Friday (as well as M-F the following sprint).  I can volunteer in advance for development on versions, messaging, or whatever needs doing.