1. Updates
    1. HttpClient connection pool issue with CLAW
      1. Not sure of cause.  Audit of potential resource leaks didn't solve issue.  Could be lifecycle related.
    2. Enhancements while testing intercepting demo
      1. Don't bind to resources that aren't LDPRs
      2. Do not bind to inaccessible resources
      3. Allow intercepting extensions to intentionally terminate chain
  2. Ontology namespace and hosting?
  3. Using demo docker images for Fedora workshops
    1. Enable servlet-based authn?  Would need to update exercises for username/password
  4. Intercepting demo - Add authn or authz exercise
    1. Easy (if servlet autn enabled): add user principal header
    2. Not as easy: Implement authn in an extension.  Passing authenticated user ID to Fedora via http headers?
  5. Adding request filters for intercepting extensions, in extension definition?
    1. Would be an optimization.  Filter by request method (POST, PUT, etc), headers (Content-Type, etc).   Skip attempting to bind if filters do not match
  6. Adding priority to intercepting extension definition as a means of addressing 
  7. Http request/response logging for debugging/analysis/demonstration?
    1. Easy to dump, provide very simple HTML UI to browse.
  8. Dependency updates:  ActiveMQ 5.15, Camel 2.19?

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