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  1. Authorization issues
    1. #176 resolved-needs pr
    2. #175: clarify SOLIDWEBAC's position, and whether it is satisfied by virtue of being LDP-RS
    3. #172 remains open
    4. #170 thumbs and comments
    5. #165 
  2. Versioning Issues
    1. #130 needs pr
    2. #187 simeon doesn't understand suggestion so far (and doesn't like probes that change repo content) but maybe covered by #186
    3. #186 do we agree on the OPTIONS pattern, how to spec?
    4. #185 agreement that implementations must support versioning (client or server managed) → PR #188
    5. we need to run the 2-step process for detecting versioning model past middleware implementers


  1. Decided to tackle versioning ahead of auth
  2. Versioning
    1. #130: Simeon will make a PR
      1. Vocab PR too
    2. #185: is approved by Simeon & Esmé
      1. What does versioning of external content mean? Maybe more of an audit log?
      2. Some uncertainty about whether versions should be required, and whether they are being used by e.g., Islandora and Samvera.
    3. 186: we may need some non-normative language to clarify how a client know whether it can create version, or whether the server will create them
      1. Esmé will check the spec to see if there is good language there, and add a PR to improve if not, the basic approach is:
        1. HEAD on a resource to find TimeMap
        2. OPTIONS on the TimeMap to see if versions can be created by the client
          1. if so, it can create versions if desired
          2. if not, then the server is responsible for creating them
  3. Simeon notes that he will be unable to make the next two calls (Aug 16 and 23),  should be good for Aug 30

Action Items

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