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  1. Open PRs  ...ready to go?
  2. Establishing a plan for landing this effort by Nov 2017
    1. How do we want to systematically approach spec revision?
    2. Test compatibility suite
    3. Aligning Fedora4 with the specification
    4. At least one other implementation of the specification
      1. Cavendish discussion
  3. Option for implementation of test suite - contractors
    1. Contractors have been contacted and are interested... even if Python
    2. Define initial scope of work
  4. Follow-up on:
    1. Deletion-related issues
  5. Branding as Core Specification
  6. Respec license


Plan for landing the spec

  1. Target AuthZ first
    • Look at F4 impl choices, and decide if they go in the spec or not
    • We all decide to look at that section
    • Action: Andrew to create some finer-grained issues for webac
    • or create a more expansive draft spec
    • Action: all to read solid-webac doc
  2. Deadline for "completing" webac section:
    • all 5 sections covered by end of Aug
  3. "Sprint" on AuthZ until Jul 26th


  1. Better error output from tests: What was request, what was response, and what requirement was tested
  2. Provide LDP spec to contractors
  3. Provide Fedora API documentation to contractors
  4. Initial test: Resource Management - GET, HEAD, POST
  5. Initial tests should be limited to things that Fedora impl already does
    • Discuss again next week
  6. Action: Simeon to create github issue for language of compatibility tests


  1. #136, do we need to specify
    1. Recursive delete is not required
    2. Require use of headers to indicate capability
  2. Action: Danny to raise delete topics on Slack tomorrow


  • Simeon will close issue

Action Items

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