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  1. Open PRs  ...ready to go?
  2. Spec published:
  3. Option for implementation of test suite - contractors
    1. Issue with using Java?
  4. Time to begin monthly report-backs to Fedora Leaders
  5. Follow-up on:
    1. Deletion-related issues
  6. Branding as Core Specification


Esmé's excellent line-length PR

Adam's PR needs to be (probably) redone

Backreferences to previous releases of spec

There is a small change in the hosting of the document because of some ReSpec js file changes (now using a local copy)

Can we assume that python is a desirable platform for the TCK?

After the PWD is release, we are responsible for monthly reports to FLG about feedback/evaluation process/roadblocks before CR nomination

Do editors want to attend FLG calls for the reports? The reports should probably be made available to public.

Deletion: #111 was addressed via but Danny refused to close the ticket.

Reviving #134

Previous Action Items

      • Danny: will move 111 forward, and create a separate ticket for async failures

New Action Items

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