1. Updates/progress
    1. CLAW is able to add extensions now!
      1. Required API-X to authenticate OPTIONS requests against extension services, using injected client
    2. Amherst services upgraded to 1.1.0
      1. Required new demo extension for demonstrating linking/paths within extensions
      2. Added a new rdf visualization extension (implemented in PHP) which draws an RDF graph as an SVG (see snippet) for a sense of what it's doing
    3. Triple demo almost finished, incorporated Amherst triple indexer for named graphs.  
    4.  Numerous updates to docker images; Upgrade to Fedora 4.7.3, migrate Karaf images to Alpine, Use docker-compose for building and pushing images
    5. Using docker images for OR '17 workshop, both for API-X session, and for fcrepo session.
  2. Demo 2 TODOs 
    1. Write package ingest demo
    2. Finish intercepting extension demo 
    3. LDpath demo? CLAW demo?

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