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  1. Repeatable tests for demonstrating performance characteristics of Fedora

    1. Documentation: How to Conduct Performance Tests and Share Results  FCREPO-2424 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. Rerun these six tests against the current release of Fedora, 4.7.3. 

    1. An uniform experiment environment.

  3. Including those tests as a part of the CI builds and/or release process
    1. Formalize any API performance test plan definitions in an ontology.
    2. Fedora Commons Repository - Performance Test Ontology
  4. Consolidate other performance testing results.

  5. Future meeting time: Does Monday 11am work or need a new time? 

  6. Establishing more general performance tests against the Fedora API Specification


Documenting Running Test

  1. Some mismatch between fields that are being created and what the graphing script is expecting
  2. Action: Colin to update scripts to support old and new spreadsheet fields
  3. Action: Danny to verify and document when Colin is done

Rerun 6 tests

  1. Establish three size test hardware configurations
    • small, medium, large
    • 2-cpu, 8GB memory
  2. Two reasons for re-running tests
    • 1. Observing performance changes from release to release
      • Establish matrix of tests that have been run and results
    • 2. Determining the limits of Fedora (how many resources can load...)
  3. Who is running each test
    • Test 2 - Danny
    • Test 3 - Andrew
    • Test 4 - Yinlin
    • Test 5 - Colin

Including tests at a part of CI builds

  1. Skipped

Consolidate performance test results

  1. No other results to include

When is next meeting?

  1. This time is good for everyone who is here
    • Aug 14th (Monday) 11am

API Spec test suite

  1. It would be helpful to have performance and compliance test suites against the Fedora API Specification
  2. Interest in a proof-of-concept test framework
    • what tools and framework for compliance tests
  3. Add as standing item for future agendas

HydraConnect Proposal

  1. We should submit a proposal


  • Colin to update scripts to support old and new spreadsheet fields
  • Danny to verify and document when Colin is done


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