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  • Time: 11:30am Eastern Daylight Time US (UTC-4)
  • Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7035


  • Chris Awre 
  • Ginny Boyer
  • Robert Cartolano
  • Aaron Choate
  • Sayeed Choudhury
  • Stefano Cossu 
  • Dan Coughlin
  • Tom Cramer
  • Joanna DiPasquale 
  • Jon Dunn 
  • Declan Fleming
  • Maude Francis
  • Mike Giarlo
  • Wolfram Horstmann 
  • Neil Jefferies(star)
  • Debra Kurtz
  • Susan Lafferty
  • Steve Marks
  • Rosalyn Metz
  • Tom Murphy
  • Este Pope
  • Matthias Razum
  • Nick Ruest
  • Robin Ruggaber
  • Tim Shearer
  • Jon Stroop
  • Jim Tuttle
  • Keith Webster
  • Evviva Weinraub
  • David Wilcox
  • Andrew Woods
  • Maurice York




Fedora and digital preservation survey summary

  • Final call for comments and feedback
NDSA's Digipres2017 ProposalsRobin

Previous Actions



DP Survey - Sent out to leaders to review before further dissemination. Austria or Australia? Check.

  • Fedora versions chart is a bit unclear - maybe sort by version or otherwise rework
  • Findings often from textual responses rather than the numerical results - need to make this clear
  • "Long cycles favor community/open source approach"?
  • Order size/volume charts for clarity
  • Report will be reworked and the released to be used as required

Deadline for proposals NDSA DigiPres 2017 - will be extended, get something in (esp. if going to DLF)


  • UCSD migration proceeds
  • Pre-OR Webinar in preparation
  • Oxford hosting Fedora/Hydra camp Sept 4-8
  • Duke - Inport/export sprint testing for F4 and porting F3 code, also testing Hyrax (to replace DSpace)
  • Emory - working with DCE on Hyrax (go-live Aug 1st)
  • Princeton - participating in I/E sprint - first migration done 1M images/4K objects - now accepting new material
    • Still some performance issue but not affecting end users
    • Ongoing ModeShape tweaks
    • Will try physical rather than VM in summer
  • Amherst - preparing for migration - working on mission./vision for repo first
  • Penn State - upgrading 4→4.7 - currently stuck on 4.6 with some issues to resolve (working out where in stack bottlenecks are)
  • UVA - Mike Durbin working on import/export sprints; released an ETD solution on Sufia/F4, OA on beta version of Hydrax/F4 set to release in August; both solutions point to a common Solr and Fedora 4 instance and we look to migrate content currently hosted in Fedora3.x to the central Fedora4 in the coming year → want to get to one newer Hyrax app for both ETD and OA in furture
  • UT Austin - DAMS based on Islandora/F3 - will move to F4 after release
    • Fedora camp in Oct
  • Next week Islandora con - pre-alpha of CLAW F4, 1.0 ideally by OR
  • Spec solidification proceeding 

...Migration stories/issues should be captured


DP Survey report will be reworked and the released to be used as required
Someone get something in for DigiPres!