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  1. Logistics:
    1. Benjamin Armintor should accept invitation to
    2. Benjamin Armintor should accept invitation to slack channel
  2. Summary of involved issues
    1. Esmé Cowles
      1. ...
    2. Benjamin Armintor: External Content
      1. ...
  3. Low-hanging issues to be resolved quickly
  4. Refine workflow process
  5. ...


Esme created a Github label to draw attention to the External Content problem.

Daniel Lamb brought up 'Redirect Content' as a potential solution for Islandora, although a smart client would be required to provide Authorization headers as the redirect responses are followed.  Bypassing the 'Redirect Content' altogether and simply providing public URIs to binaries while never creating LDPNRs would not suffice, as it would prevent API-X from being utilized.

During the discussion of External Content, Simeon brought to light that we may be creating different classes of content that have different behaviours, and that's not the easiest to specify.  For example, external content could be downloaded immediately and then ingested into the system.  It could not be downloaded and just referenced when needed, with Fedora acting as a proxy.  For example, we've just required that checksums MUST be provided on a HEAD request, but that could be potentially very expensive for an implementation whose content is stored externally on S3.  So how do we, from an API point of view, clarify between different types of 'External Content', if at all.  In particular, if we do, then are we truly creating LDPNRs?  We may be trying to have our cake and eat it too.

Ben Armintor would like to use the Content-Location header instead of message/external-body in a Content-Type header.  It may be useful for people to look at the difference between the two.

Esme Cowles made a proposal at the end of the meeting and is writing it up. It will be published at .

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