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Sprint Participants

Test and Documentation



  • Linda Newman - Post-sprint testing (core and verification tool)


  1. Objectives
    1. Establish understanding of where effort stands
    2. Establish goals for sprint
    3. (tick)Establish team, roles, expectations
    4. (tick)Determine is another planning meeting is required
  2. Introduction and topic summary
    1. (tick)Establish common understanding of function of Import/Export
  3. Logistics
    1. Sprint: May 15-26
    2. IRC: #fcrepo @freenode
  4. Use case and requirements
  5. Current Status of Import/Export utility
    1. Existing Import / Export tickets

      T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

    2. Existing Verification tickets

      T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

    3. Sprint 3 Stakeholder Feedback


  1. Project team
    1. No objections from participants on the call about their assignments (above)
  2. Sprint goals
    1. Test compatibility of exported Bags with:
      1. APTrust
      2. Perseids
      3. Archivematica (question)
    2. Import/export of versions
      1. Want to keep upcoming Memento API alignment
    3. Lossless round-tripping (particularly dates)
      1. other round-tripping issues, e.g.:  FCREPO-2429 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    4. Resolve import bugs that were reported from v0.1 testing
    5. Lower-priority
      1. Importing into non-empty containers
        1. There may be several facets to this: importing into a container that already exists (other children of the same resource already exist) seems very useful, but syncing with an existing resource may be much more complex.  We should support the easy things, and be careful when tackling the more complex scenarios to maintain a good scope with stakeholder input.
      2. Maintain links in Bags with links to resources outside of Bags
        1. Revisit whether this is still an issue given the current Bag export/import functionality
      3. Incremental diffs of Bags, relating to sending updated Bags to preservation services, not re-transmitting large files that haven't changed, and not overwriting good content with content that's been corrupted, etc.
        1. Interesting functionality once the other functionality is solid
    6. Verification tool
      1. Unicode-escaping when resources are exported leads to mismatch when those resources are re-imported
      2. Users are confused by the tool output
      3. Lower priority:
        1. Gracefully handling server-managed triples and timestamps that can't be updated
        2. Verifying Fedora-to-Fedora and disk-to-disk
        3. Anything special required for Bags?
  3. Next steps
    1. Sprint kick-off call on 5/15 11am EDT to start assigning tickets
    2. People should feel free to test in the interim and file tickets and provide feedback

Action Items

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