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  1. Update on formalization of editorial process
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  • Andrew: An editorial group is being appointed by Fedora Steering on behalf of leaders, will start next week after publication of charter.
  • Andrew: The editors will be Ben, Esme, Danny, Simeon, and Andrew.
  • Andrew: Only editors will have commit rights, but input will be considered from all sides.
  • Andrew: Because the meeting falls into grey area, perhaps diving into issues is premature.
  • Jared: Some issues near end of discussion should be decided and resolved.
  • Before starting perhaps the editors should agree to what the role of editors should be.
  • Andrew: Value is being placed on compromise where consensus cannot be reached.
  • Simeon: Given the timeline, weekly meetings will probably be necessary.
  • Andrew: In order to avoid the conflict API-X, a new Doodle poll will be circulated.
  • Ben: What is the threshold for committing changes? How do you deal with a lack of consensus?
  • Andrew: Some of the key concepts defined by the leaders in the API Spec charter: (1) Define interaction; (2) make it testable; (3) strive to minimize barriers to interoperability.
  • Andrew: Opposition by one person is sufficient grounds to search for compromise amongst the five editors.
  • Esmé: Hope to be able to build consensus on many issues; at the same time, it might be nice to have the ability to express ambivalence without imposing a veto.
  • Simeon: Having some wait time before commits allows for all voices to be heard, even where agreement may not be reached.
  • Andrew: 72 hours will be the minimum wait time, but if everyone indicates assent things can go faster.
  • Andrew: Labels in Github can be used to mark the start of the waiting period; another to flag when more time for discussion is needed.
  • Esmé: Maybe a way to view this is 5 votes to merge immediately, 3 votes to merge after 72 hours.
  • Andrew: How should the meeting time be used? Github issues, or something else?
  • Esmé: Github issue discussion seems like a good way to use the meeting; also it would be good to get up to speed on the new issues so perhaps triage of issues could also be undertaken during meetings.
  • Simeon: To make the calls more effective, it would be good to have members identify which tickets are getting near to be ready for discussion and resolution.
  • Andrew: Perhaps one way to decrease whitespace on the call would be to rotate facilitator.
  • Andrew: Will create a Doodle poll for the new meeting time.
  • Andrew: Would someone be willing to take responsibility for specific issues to review and summarize them for the group? Add the summary to the agenda page.
  • Esmé: I can do 81.
  • Ben: message external body and proxy(?)
  • Andrew: 43 appears ripe to be adopted, summarized, and possibly resolved.
  • Esmé: 90 is resolved.
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