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  1. Objectives
    1. Establish understanding of where effort stands
    2. Establish goals for sprint
    3. Establish team, roles, expectations
    4. Determine is another planning meeting is required
  2. Introduction and topic summary
    1. Establish common understanding of function of Import/Export
  3. Logistics
    1. Sprint: May 15-26
    2. IRC: #fcrepo @freenode
    3. Next planning call, if needed: Monday, April 24th @1pm ET
  4. Current Status of Import/Export utility
    1. Existing Import / Export tickets

      T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

    2. Existing Verification tickets

      T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

    3. Sprint 3 Stakeholder Feedback
  5. Use case and requirements
  6. Confirm commitments
    1. Stakeholders
      1. Uses cases
      2. Requirements
    2. Developers
    3. Testing and validation
    4. Documentation



State of the Effort:

  1. Import export tool
    1. Phased development plan has been created  (phase 1, 2 and 3)
    2. Phase 1 items are working
    3. Phase 2 have been implemented but need more testing
    4. Phase 3 have not yet been implement.
    5. So  export works well but not between versions
    6. Import works but needs more testing
    7. Importing to a different URL doesn't work
    8. Timestamps and other internally managed values require some work (lossiness)
    9. Import and export bags is implemented but needs testing and need to verify that it meets the standards of AP Trust
    10. At a high level:  round-tripping to an empty repository or container seems to work.
    11. Non-empty containers is a possibly a problem.
    12. Export follows LDP contains relationship by default and allows for specifying custom predicates for defining the boundary of the hierarchy of resources
  2. Verification tool:  
    1. works but could use improvement
    2. A couple of issues:
      1. We don't deal with the server managed triples
        1. We need to figure out how to handle those
        2. Tied to the issue of lossy import.
      2. Commandline interface: We need to improve the responses from the command line tool
      3. Unicode escaped strings in RDF are fool the tool into seeing a failure where no failure is.

Andrew Woods will send out a doodle poll after this call to determine the next planning meeting which we can hopefully schedule in the next two weeks.

High level targets for this sprint:

  1. Strong confidence with import and export with APTrust,  MetaArchive, and Archivematica
  2. Import and export versions
  3. Importing into a non-empty container
  4. Export a diff between a repo and an existing bag

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