1. Review last meeting actions:
  2. Review current GitHub issues: https://github.com/fcrepo4-labs/fcrepo_perf_analysis/issues
  3. Infrastructure options - Research Grant 
    1. AWS Cloud Credits for Research https://aws.amazon.com/research-credits/ Rewards varies from 1 to 2 years.
  4. Reproduce new performance report?
    1. If anyone what to know current Fedora 4.7 performance, we can refer him to see the performance report page.
    2. Performance and Scalability Test Plans
    3. Baseline performance on these six scenarios in a: 
      1. Select an instance type in AWS
      2. other options?
    4. An Ansible tool to install Fedora 4 on the local machine or AWS. 
      1. https://github.com/VTUL/fcrepo4-ansible
  5. Define tests of known pain points, e.g.
    1. Performance of "many members"
    2. Ugliness of pairtree resources
    3. migration of PIDs from fcrepo3 to fcrepo4
    4. Migration from fcrepo3 to fcrepo4 in general and in a reasonable amount of time for 1M+ objects
    5. Loss of system dates, the migration of creation/modification times from fcrepo3 to fcrepo4
    6. Intra-repository referential integrity can be a pain point, but it has benefits too


Previous actions

  1. Updated scripts to use perf.log instead of the csv
    • GitHub feature branch contains the generated reports
    • Hydra: would like a concise report
      • version of fedora
      • configuration of fedora
      • how tests relate to real-world questions
      • what these tests mean to the fedora development team

GitHub Issues

  1. Colin has it covered

Infrastructure options

  1. Need estimates of storage and instances

New performance reports

  1. Running against 4.7.1
  2. Waiting on open actions from fcrepo_perf
  3. Need documented process for end-to-end testing and reporting
    + create new wiki page : danny



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