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  1. Define scope & audience
  2. Determine outcomes of this effort; desired content and approach of document
    1. How to maintain document in response to changes to spec?
    2. Working environment - github? Separate repository for the delta doc?
    3. "published" doc - Github markdown?  Wiki page?
  3. Create tasks and timeline


Audience for delta doc

  1. Application/framework developers - Yes, primary audience for this effort
    1. Include usage related details for clients

    2. Links to gists could be helpful

    3. The utility of this document may have a longer lifespan than a document with Fedora contributors as audience

    4. Hydra/Islandora/Import-Export groups will likely also need to do their own delta analysis

  2. Fedora Contributors - Not target audience for this effort
    1. Follow-on document to help inform the creation of tickets may make sense in the near future
  3. Managers/stakeholders - Not target audience for this effort

Delta doc purpose

  1. Highlight breaking changes from current community implementation
  2. Highlight features in community implementation that are not in the specification, but allowable
    1. e.g. server-managed triples
  3. Highlight examples
    1. e.g. What does the community implementation model of versioning look like vis-a-vis Memento
  4. Highlight rationale for specification decisions
    1. e.g. When a binary resource is updated, some severs-managed triples in the binary's description are updated

    2. e.g. The specification is intentially silent on certain topics

Delta doc structure

  1. Organize with same sections as the Fedora API Specification
  2. Include sub-sections within each API Spec section for:
    1. Breaking Changes
    2. Non-specified Features
    3. Examples
    4. Rationale
  3. Content to be bullet list of sentences and links


  1. Reside in a new GitHub repo (within the fcrepo Git organization)
  2. Use markdown in one main document
  3. Delta between Fedora 4.7.1 and the master branch of fcrepo-specification


  1. (tick) Create the GitHub repo (Adopters Guide)
  2. Create initial outline of the delta document
  3. Aaron Birkland and Andrew Woods to draft initial content
    1. Likely starting with Fixity
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