1. Experience and feedback with demo so far
    • stakeholder feedback, and timeline for providing feedback
  2. Planning next demo/milestone - features, timeline?
  3. Timeline for targeting a production-ready 1.0 release
  4. Meeting schedule for 2017.  Keep biweekly, move to monthly, or ?


Feedback on the demo

  • A few issues were received on GitHub (Andrew W and Daniel Lamb)

  • Other feedback?

    • Nick Ruest: will be going through the demo shortly will have feedback

    • Ruth Duerr has not had time yet

    • Joshua Westgard have been through the demo about half way: haven’t written up the feedback, but does have some idea. Very easy to install when following the instruction: got docker running and got everything going. Need to be able to show it to developer to get their thoughts on this (since they’ll be the ones writing extensions.) Meet next week with developers to start conversation

    • Andrew: went through the demo, put in a couple of issues, documentation was great. Seamless, functionalities are extremely impressive. Is interested in the next steps, the short list of extensions in immediate and near future with crystal clear extensions to be pushed to the community so that we can convey to community the concrete values that API-X has to offer.

    • Aaron B: the focus of this first demo had been the core infrastructure plumbing. We have not told the story of extensions. The short list of extensions may be included in the next milestone ← keep in mind.

    • Aaron Coburn: thought it was great. Appreciate the work that was put into it.

    • Daniel Lamb: thanks for the work on this. Experience in installing and using it was straight forward - a success. Issues noted were minor. Having documentation on what you would do if you want to develop your own services on this would be very much appreciated. Is intending to make some movement in CLAW community related to API-X.

→ Timeline for getting feedback: when do we considered it closed?

  • Feb 9th, Feedback closed → TODO will send out another message to the community announce the official feedback close date

  • Coincide with another API-X meeting so feedback can be discussed.

Planning the next agenda milestone:

  • Timeline:

    • Aim for second milestone for April?

    • FUG  3rd week of March (22-23)

    • LCDX end of March could be used to engage part of the community that hasn’t been in touch with apix work

    • CNI early APRIL

  • Features:

    • Esm: nice to cover foundational/fundamental things of API-X and make sure they are properly showcased in milestones releases, specifically the intercepting modality

    • Community specifically needs voiced earlier but didn’t belong in fedora: image service, bulk/package ingest,

      • JHU package ingest could be included in the next milestone demo

      • Daniel Lamb: image service, an ocr service, and the fits service are part of our mvp

      • Amherst has LDPath extension in works


Action items:

  • TODO: Create an issue in GitHub for coming for candidate for extensions to be included/show off in the next demo

    • Amherst extensions are advanced

    • Andrew thinks we already have the list of extensions: need help coordinating the effort around it: who’s interested, who’s available? Business use cases related to the extensions so that stories can be told?

  • TODO: pick a concrete milestone basing on what’s feasible, high impact and developer availability

  • TODO Aaron B. will send out another message to the community announce the official feedback close date

2017 meeting schedule

  • Move to monthly

  • Next meeting for Feb 16th

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