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  1. Topics on fedora performance/scaling
  2. 2016 work summary
    1. Review Performance and Scalability Test Plans
    2. Graphing of JMeter results, script
    3. I/O benchmarking of test environment, script
    4. Collection of basic test environment characteristics, script
  3. Hydra - Fedora performance (?)
  4. Islandora - Fedora performance (?)
  5. Next meeting time 02/13/2017 11am.


Topics on Fedora Performance/Scaling

  • Nick - none
  • Colin - mocking large-scale tests, alt-methods of doing that
    • desire to test multi-TB loads
  • Kieran - interested in testing processes and procedures
    • are both Tomcat and Jetty tested? - mostly Tomcat
  • Kevin - interested in validating release candidates
    • now more generally interested in loading issues
    • multi-threading topics
  • Danny - interested in scaling as it relates to HyBox
    • "many members" issue
    • multi-tenant support
      • Colin has done this in Hydra... but has not been able to backup single hierarchies
      • using different base-containers
  • Yinlin - interested in large files

2016 work summary

  • Are the defined tests adequate for the interests above?
    • Challenge in have a test environment that has enough disk space
    • Maybe use OpenSSH:rand to mock many files
    • Is running this on AWS infrastructure a possibility?
      • Who is going to pay for a 20-TB EBS volume?
      • Performant disk i/o can be expensive in AWS
      • AWS tests should include data around size/time/cost of previous tests
  • We need to summarize the results of 2016 testing
    • Colin available to help in the visualization of the previous test results
    • Yinlin has created graphs of his tests
    • Colin has modified scripts based on team feedback
  • Yinlin - need to write report for each test
  • Interest in maintaining results in a GitHub
    • ACTION: create results repo in fcrepo4-labs
    • ACTION: write a report from last year's results
      • Current reports do not provide immediate clarity of the state of Fedora
    • Volunteers:
      • Colin to work on scripts - fcrepo4-labs
      • Nick/Yinlin to work on drafting - will use GitHub
      • Colin to generate R-Script outputs that can be starting point for summary doc
      • Data result locations: post to S3


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