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  • Time: 11:30am Eastern Daylight Time US (UTC-4)
  • Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7035


  • Julie Allinson
  • Chris Awre
  • Carolyn Caizzi (for Evviva Weinraub)
  • Robert Cartolano
  • Aaron Choate
  • Stefano Cossu
  • Dan Coughlin 
  • Tom Cramer
  • Jon Dunn
  • Declan Fleming 
  • Sarah Fredline
  • Mike Giarlo
  • Wolfram Horstmann 
  • Neil Jefferies
  • Debra Kurtz
  • Susan Lafferty
  • Jonathan Markow
  • Steve Marks
  • Tom Murphy
  • Sandy Payette 
  • Matthias Razum
  • Robin Lindley Ruggaber
  • Dan Santamaria
  • Jon Stroop
  • Jim Tuttle
  • Keith Webster
  • Evviva Weinraub
  • David Wilcox
  • Andrew Woods (star)
  • Maurice York




Membership update and final push

  • Projecting $562,250 in funding, only $17,750 short of annual goal ($580,000)
  • Please help reach out to new member prospects

Fedora Camp NYC

  • Only 11 registrants so far
  • Need to promote and ensure the event is a success

Import/Export Feature

  • Update from State College sprint

IMLS National Digital Platform Grant Pre-Proposal - We are soliciting input on the potential national impact of making Fedora 4 easier to adopt in pursuit of $500K funding. IMLS specifically looks for the following:

  • National Impact

  • Current Significance

  • Strategic Collaborations

  • Demonstrated Expertise

Community Migration Initiative: F3 to F4 Object and Metadata mappingAndrew 
CNI Panel talkDavid 
CNI MeetingDavid 

Previous Actions

None mentioned.


Import/Export Feature

  • Completed second, smaller sprint last week at Penn State
  • First joint Hydra/Fedora sprint
  • Client-side tooling that runs against the Fedora REST API that lets you dump resources (either all or a sub-tree) to the file system as serialized RDF and optionally the binaries
  • Can re-import as well
  • Design work done for doing round-tripping with BagIt bags
  • Successful in terms of ownership - community-led by Nick Ruest
  • Goal: make it as easy as possible to get stuff in and out in a standardized way
  • Tom: If you are importing from Islandora/Hydra is there any validation for structural differences?
    • Andrew: We have documented the expected format of exported resources
    • Use case: Export from FigShare to Hydra/Fedora. Straight import would not produce a valid Hydra object in this case
    • Use cases could drive additional tooling
    • Andrew: We are collecting use cases, have not seen this one but it could be added
    • Follow-on work will take place in December

CNI Panel Talk

  1. Proposal in-draft
  2. Tom will participate on panel, re:preservation

CNI Leaders Agenda

  1. What additional topics would folks like to have on the agenda?
  2. Dial-in will be possible
    • Specific times for topics will facilitate that
  3. Topic: Market placement relative to competitor products
    • Alma is moving into the library repository space
    • Related to the current work of Fedora's value proposition

Membership update and final push

  1. Projecting a surplus for the year, although less than the membership goal
  2. Please help with a last round of out-reach
    • David will help with messaging and email templates as useful

Fedora Camp NYC

  1. Two months out
  2. Break-even point is ~20 attendees
    • Currently at 11 attendees
  3. Penn State is considering sending some folks to the camp
  4. Northwestern is considering sending some dev-ops folks to the camp
  5. Feedback: flying on Sunday after Thanksgiving is not attractive

IMLS Grant Pre-Proposal

  1. Duke, UT-Austin, UVa, Stanford and DuraSpace are co-drafting proposal
  2. Goal: Improve and facilate F4 adoption
  3. Request: Input from Leaders on four points defined for successful proposals:
    1. National Impact
      1. Museums: Fedora is affecting AIC productivity
      2. If easier to adopt Fedora, could increase diversity of repositories
      3. Could ease contribution to larger efforts: DPLA, SHARE, etc
      4. Somehow tie in preservation aspects of Fedora
      5. Workflows: camel tooling?
      6. Bundle open source applications into a solution stack
      7. Import/Export between other platforms and Fedora
    2. Current Significance
    • Strategic Collaborations
    • Demonstrated Expertise
  4. Question: How does this tie into HyBox?
    • Likely in the context of "Current Significance"
  5. Deadline for proposal: Feb 1, 2017

Community Migration Initiative

  • Last week at the DCFUG this topic came up
    • Driven by NLM
    • They have a large F3 repo
    • They want to migrate to Fedora 4
    • The stumbling block is data modeling
    • Both modelling F3 objects as F4 and metadata mapping
  • Proposal: a project with real data to go through the exercise and discuss the decision making process
  • Some have done this exercise
    • UCSD and Duke, available to give advice
    • UT-Austin would like some help
    • Northwestern is getting close to needing help (currently on 3.8)
  • Hydra metadata WG has some good resources