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Date: Thursday, Sept 1, 1pm EDT (-4 UTC)


Proposed Agenda

  1. Progress updates
    1. Design Documentation is in GitHub
    2. PR for service discovery, service registry impl
    3. PR for service and extension ontologies
    4. Travis builds.  Time to set up Jenkins?
    5. POCs/docker moved out of default profile - move into their own repo entirely?
  2. Close out documentation issues? (#2#3#4#5#6#7,  #30)?
  3. Aim for a milestone build of API-X for evaluation by Stakeholders?
  4. Deployment targets for API-X core
    1. define "core" - e.g. binding, routing, execution engine, etc?  Distinct from services that may have their own runtimes. 
    2. Servlet container?  
    3. OSGi container? 
  5. Do we need/want to keep 'Ontology' marker interface in order to plug in different reasoners?  See also OntologyService



Progress update:

  • Design documents has been converted into markdown. PR submitted and merged to the GitHub repo.

    • Elliot’s notes: goal was to enable build of maven site from the documents, but wasn’t possible

  • Fedora release 4.6.0 is public; Integration tests were ran against 4.7 Snapshot because of an issue with rdf and cvs files processing. The fix for that issue was included in 4.6 release, so integration tests have been updated to run against 4.6.

  • PRs are submitted for the service discovery, service registry impl. Reviews are invited. If no issue comes up, they will be merged on Tuesday 9/6

  • PRs for service and extension ontologies. They reflects what’s in the current documentation. This will be merged after this call. MD document will be updated according to the OR.

    • Ontologies used by code will be put in the repo in Turtle syntax: deemed as master

    • Published and master ontologies should be kept separately in its own repo

    • Create a module for published ontologies and establish a process to produce RDF/XML derivatives of the master published ontologies

  • Jenkins builds will be set up, prior to publishing snapshots.

  • Elliot: Semantic versioning?

    • We’ll keep the version as it is right now

    • Once we get to milestones, we can discuss whether version should be incremented

  • What’s the process to create a new repo to house separate POCs code  and docker image?

    • Preserve the history for the content

    • Aaron Coburn can create new repo for POCs. Elliot will contact him when necessary.

Closing out documentation GitHub Issues

  • Notes and discussion around the issues were recorded in the comment

  • Issues will be closed out at the end of the week

  • Any issues with resolutions of the discussions would be address as new GitHub issues.

Initial milestone build for the implementation of the API-X core so that it can be distributed to SHs and interested parties to try it out and comment.

  • Group is generally supportive of the idea of milestone build

  • There are concern over timeliness of response in September due to overlap timing with conferences

  • Also concern over the feasibility of testing the code by a non-developer Stakeholders:

    • Vagrant + docker environments will need to be provided to ease the setup burden, along with testing recipes. This can be ready by the end of Sept.

  • TODO: Scope of the milestone to determine what’s needed to be demonstrated

Deployment targets:

  • Reiterate our commitment to target OSGi container and Karaf

    • What is the implication of this approach to institutions who may be adopting API-X? Are they required to adopt Karaf

    • We will produce both OSGi and Karaf  artifacts as well as plain war, executable jar files for deployment on servlet container.

    • The milestones will be publish using OSGi and Karaf, at least initially.

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