Date: Thursday, August 18, 1pm EDT (-4 UTC)


Proposed Agenda

  1. Ratify non-developer overview doc.  Incorporate its content into the API-X Design page? (Alternate suggestions that were discussed included incorporation of its content into an API-X GitHub README, or the GitHub wiki) 
  2. Discuss & ratify Service Discovery and Binding have and Execution Outstanding issues?
  3. Close design-related issues in GitHub (#2#3#4#5#6#7,  #30)?
  4. Review PR for #10  implementation of #30 and #12 - Aaron Birkland
    1. PR is up:
    2. Notes on Integration testing with Pax Exam + Karaf
    3. Use a real namespace for ontologies: elevate to
    4. Do we need/want to keep 'Ontology' marker interface in order to plug in different reasoners?  See also OntologyService
  5. Immediate next steps - #14 (service document) then finish #10, #11 (routing)m


Ratify non-developer overview doc.

  • Ruth: Initial round of comments and feedback on the document. No more new comments coming. Is probably ready to move the document into its final place

  • It could go in github (or github wiki), but given the technical orientation of github docs, confluence makes sense

  • TODO: Move it to wiki 

Service Discovery and Binding & Execution documents:

  • Execution doc:

    • More details on how execution engine will behave should/will be addressed in the implementation of the engine itself, in operational level documentation that would be released along with the implementation

    • Elliot addressed concern over inconsistent uses of verbiage in the doc, suggest that they are made consistent to aid reader’s understanding

  • Service Discovery and Binding:

    • Elliot will work on wordsmithing a section of this doc to make it less confusing

    • Ontology:

      • TODO: Aaron will assemble the comments relating to ontology and put them in a separate Github issue so that they can be tracked independently

      • Aaron Coburn suggested we pick an official namespace for use in the ontology.  This decision involves the level of buy-in for the ontologies and where they live. This is a separate conversation to be had outside of this call.

      • TODO: Create github issue related to stewardship of ontology (namespace, guaranteeing resolvability, etc)

    • Indexing and messaging:

      • Aaron B. updated a text in this section in response to Aaron C’s comment.

    • TODO: create a GitHub issue for statistic reporting (e.g. request latency, execution time, etc)

Closing design related documents:

  • Elliot: Should close the loop on the comments thread in the document. Capture the comments in the github issues and their resolution

  • TODO: Aaron B. will commit the design doc into GitHub put in a comment summarizing the comments threads and their resolution

Reviewing PR

  • Initial PR does not include any performance optimization consideration

  • If Karaf is used for deployment then PaxExam needs to be used for testing

  • Is Karaf a deployment target for API-X? YES

    • Going from OSGi into a more traditional monolithic environment is easier than going the opposite direction

    • For the time being, we’ll continue with this approach until it presents a problem

Aaron B will continue development on a different branch while waiting for PR review

  • Merge PR by Wednesday, or when two +1s in comments, whichever is first.
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