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  1. Finish Use case discussion
  2. Review initial requirements
    1. Two flavours of import/export effort; RDF and binaries vs BagIt Bags
  3. Confirm commitments
    1. Stakeholders
      1. Uses cases
      2. Requirements
    2. Developers
    3. Testing and validation
    4. Documentation
  4. Workplan and timelines
    1. Sprint scheduling


Use Cases

5. Rebuilder

  • Would logically shred repository and reassemble from serialization
  • Multiple copies of shreds that are physically distributed
  • Allow for partial recovery
  • Optimizing granularity of shreds for maximal recovery is an open question
  • Test is writing recovery routine

6. Round-tripping in Fedora

  • May be subsumed under 4 (& 5?)
  • Intended to address immutable properties in Fedora that may need to be modified

8. Dynamic containers

  • May be covered by resource sync
  • Knowing to skip existing resources
  • Updating known resources via URIs vs. updating based on description (latter is definitely out of scope)

9. Additional tooling to maximize efficiency of bulk loads (100-300K objects/day)


External Systems -Acceptance testing
APTrust - Joshua Westgard
MetaArchive - Karen Estlund & Michael J. Giarlo (to be confirmed)
Archivematica - Mark Jordan & Justin Simpson 

9 & 10 may be covered by LDP
All general requirements assumed to be client-side.


1st sprint will take place the weeks of August 8th and 15th

Nick Ruest will send follow up email to confirm commitments and roles.


Next meeting is August 5, 2015; finalize requirements.

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  1. I'm out sick today so I'll catch up with y'all next time. Sorry!