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Date: Thursday April 28 1pm EST (-5 UTC)




  1. New regular meeting time
  2. IMLS grant for API-X
  3. Task/Progress tracking
  4. Merge Aaron B's branch from github
    1. Note similar pattern of docker containers for Islandora CLAW.  Emerging pattern?
  5. DC Fedora Users Group meeting recap
  6. Camel-centric architecture?
    1. Context component might be useful for API-X?  Aaron Birkland had a patch accepted this morning
      1. It appears that the camel-context component is deprecated


  1. New regular meeting time: Every other Thursday @1pm (Starting with today)

  2. IMLS grant for API-X:

    1. JHU received a grant (submitted in Jan) to support development on API-X through December. Deliverables are:

      1. Public release of the API-X architectures

      2. Associated documentation and dissemination

      3. Some common interest extensions (validation uc from art institute of chicago)

    2. This means Aaron will have more time to devote to the development of the API-X

    3. What constitute a public release?

      1. (Aaron) The intent is to have a release (to maven-central, etc) in fcrepo-labs on the core components of the architecture and one/two extensions that fulfill the high level requirements set forth by stakeholders.

      2. The extensions would be hand picked to be widely valuable within the community

  3. Task and Progress tracking

    1. The grants include a low resolution timeline.

    2. Need to create tickets in JIRA or GitHub

      1. Create a list of tasks send to SHs

      2. Once approve create actual issue in JIRA or GitHub

      3. Comparison of JIRA vs GitHub for the issues tracking

      4. TODO: Aaron will create a document proposing the initial set of tasks to be circulated amongst the group for ratification

    3. Once tasks are in GitHub, let’s have a meeting (next meeting) to assign tasks to people based on their availability

    4. Which umbrella does this work live under?

      1. Currently under fcrepo-labs

      2. Under the Duraspace umbrella: a fedora sub-project

        1. This work would have its rights. Everyone who works on this would sign a Duraspace CLA

    5. Who has the authority to accept PRs?

      1. Aaron B thinks 'anybody' for the time being
  4. Merging Aaron B’s branch from github

    1. Aaron B will go through and address the comments in place and merge when done.

    2. Use of Docker; Islandora and Hydra using similar sets of images, in possibly similar wa

    3. Good opportunity to swap notes, see if/where there is duplication
  5. Fedora Users Group meeting recap
    1. Aaron gave half hours presentation on API-X

    2. Attendees appreciated update, some have been following
    3. Side conversations related to ingest use cases, scalability
  6. Camel-centric architecture

    1. Using camel for routing

    2. Want to be able to characterize costs (e.g. added) latency when evaluating technologies like Camel, identify concerns if they present themselves

    3. Camel context component allows patterns similar to Stefano's POC, may be something to explore
      1. Aaron B submitted patch for bug back in October, just patched this morning
      2. Unclear if context component is deprecated.  Comment on ticket, but not in code or documentation
    4. Seems to be similar patterns to CLAW, need to explore more

  7. AOB: Preliminary documents/diagrams to be committed to the document section of the github repo

  8. Next meeting Thu 12 May, 1pm Eastern


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  1. It's marvelous to hear that JHU received a grant for this work-- is there a link available where we can see the proposal and understand the intentions?

    1. Link added above, and here:

      There's a summary, and a PDF of the submission