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Date: Friday April 15 2pm EST (-5 UTC)

Last week's minutes


Ruth Duerr

Elliot Metsger

Joshua Westgard

Unknown User (acoburn)

Stefano Cossu

Yinlin Chen


  1. POC/development update; See latest code in Aaron Birkland's git repo
    1. Highlights:  Migrated Unknown User (acoburn)'s Amherst API-X POC into code base, added Docker Compose, wrk latency measurement tools, reverse proxy in go for comparison
    2. Observations:  Minimal added latency of dumb proxying, Fedora may have possible memory leak, Camel has an issue with specifying host headers for proxying (but as of 2.17.1 that issue will be resolved: and
    3. Is this OK to merge into fcrepo-labs/fcrepo-api-x?
      1. groupids org.fcrepo.apix and org.fcrepo.apix.poc.  Do we feel like we need to publish artifacts to a maven repo any time soon?
  2. Follow-up on Technologies for core discussion
  3. POC/development priorities for rest of April?
    1. Leverage AIC, Amherst + new code to produce formal POC demonstrations for stakeholders?
  4. DC Fedora users' group meeting.  API-X update on agenda.  Who is going?
  5. Meeting schedule


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