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Date: Friday February 19, 2pm EST (-5 UTC)

Meeting Goals

  1. Move forward on architecture/design discussions
  2. Review proof of concepts



      (see last meeting's minutes)

  1. Active incorporation of Async Storage use case (see mail thread)
  2. Discuss in-flight proof-of-concepts
    1. Stefano Cossu write a validation POC using PHP demonstrating validation (
      1. Explores workflows involving chains of extensions
    2. Unknown User (acoburn) wrote a wireframe POC using Camel demonstrating service discovery, binding, and proxying  (git repodiscussion on irc)
      1. Mainly explores a 'expose service URIs' pattern
  3. An empty API-X git repo is up
    1. Do we want to start use this for POCs?
  4. Revisit initial workflow graphs in light of POCs (note: source files for the graphs are here)
    1. Provenance stream
    2. Validation (async)
    3. Validation (sync)


Next meeting

Fri. Mar 4, same time (in two weeks)




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