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Dial In Details

Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 3PM EDT (-5 UTC)

Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7035
- Participant Code: 479307#
- Web Access:

Meeting Goals

  • Review progress on use case gathering and analysis



  1. Recap of last meeting actions 

  2. Newcomers and their context, or others wishing to add additional info on their roles/interests


  3. Review progress on use case gathering and analysis

  4. Indiana's idea for a mockup to help determine local requirements

Related Resources

Meeting Notes

  • Randall to be out starting next week
    • returning mid-Dec
  • Possibility of moving this meeting to join with API-X
    • Could make sense, if someone from Async were to be an official API-X stakeholder
    • Need to make sure that API-X meeting does not get hijacked


  1. Scholars portal
    • Scholars-portal is tech arm for OCAL
    • Out of the U of Toronto
    • Few years ago, have created cloud storage - using OpenStack Swift
      • Distributed cluster?
    • Several partners are using Fedora
    • Desire for Fedora to work over remote object storage
    • Connects over HTTP API
      • Very similar to AWS S3
      • Private cloud
  2. Response
    • There have been previous discussions pointing towards mediated/async interaction

Review of actions from last meeting

  1. Have established a method for evaluating use cases

Use cases

  1. Legacy use cases need to be revisited for stakeholders
  2. Need more "user stories"
  3. OCAL may be able to work with existing F4 HTTP-resource feature
    • Guarantee of response within one second
    • It is possible to open auth to F4 from OpenStack service
  4. IU interested in transitioning current development to API-X / camel
    • Randall to write-up current pattern
    • Would be beneficial for IU to be a strong API-X stakeholder


  1. Open-portal: to experiment with redirect capability of F4
  2. All: Review use cases
  3. All: Add use cases and update existing use cases with criteria



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