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  • Time: 9am-3pm Eastern Daylight Time US (UTC-4)
  • Place: Studio One, 3rd Floor, Hyatt Regency Indianapolis


  • Julie Allinson
  • Andrew Ashton
  • Chris Awre
  • Robert Cartolano
  • Stefano Cossu
  • Tom Cramer
  • Steve DiDomenico
  • Jon Dunn
  • Declan Fleming
  • Michael Friscia
  • Michael J. Giarlo
  • Ladd Hanson
  • Wolfram Horstmann
  • Neil Jefferies
  • Philip Konomos
  • Susan Lafferty
  • Mark Leggott
  • Jonathan Markow
  • Steve Marks
  • Tom Murphy
  • Matthias Razum
  • Glen Robson 
  • Robin Lindley Ruggaber 
  • Dan Santamaria
  • Tim Shearer
  • Thorny Staples
  • Jim Tuttle
  • David Wilcox
  • Andrew Woods
  • Patrick Yott


For communication/discussion rather than decision making


Fedora Futures and Strategies
Governance & SG/LG Elections
4.X Roadmappage
Developer Contribution Model

International representation/outreach/adoption strategy

  • We have product and resources to deploy - but need suggestions to direct this
  • Localisation
Data Mandates

Previous Actions



  1. What we heard from OR2015
    1. We had the greatest turnout for the user group plenary
    2. T-Shirts were a big hit and we should start sooner next year
    3. Islandora doing considerable work to refactor due to work in Fedora4
    4. Two greenfield deployments - Hydra North (Alberta) and Fienman School (Northwestern Medical School)
    5. Both camps Hydra and Islandora are both committed to interoperability; collaboration is great; this came up in terms of training
    6. Camel is evident in both Islandora and Hydra
    7. A lot of good discussion is coming up for a potential Fedora5- a roadmap
    8. Good feedback on the migration tools
    9. Some concern about perception of the thin showing of Hydra
      1. Lack of name in titles because there was more
      2. This impacts Fedora in an overall way
    10. We have to make sure we have larger rooms next year
    11. We have a large metadata problem in that people are covering the same ground struggling with PCDM
      1. perhaps we should put RDF lower and obscure that layer to alleviate pain
      2. this needs to be discussed more
    12. Value in making something available in Hydra or Islandora that is friendly and has perhaps museum fields or others
      1. we do not want Fedora to push Hydra, Islandora or anything else because more options are good and we want people to use Fedora regardless
    13. Fedora to continually communicate and renew the business proposition as leadership changes
      1. highlight variety of options of Fedora based solutions
      2. highlight the flexibility - if you go with proprietary you are forced to take what they are willing to do whereas you have the power to
      3. some of these people are showing up at OR in the fence between open source and pressure to consider off the shelf
      4. could we consider a "new to OR"  plus the value proposition for Islandora, Hydra and Fedora, begin to build the narrative; showcase polished products 
      5. perhaps have some time to un-conference style to get questions answered but there are some problematics issues with manager support
      6. curate camp has effectively inserted an open agenda
      7. we need to change course to provide information for the attendees to use with management or for high level managers to access
      8. contributions of papers or marketing for open source
      9. we need to look at our service providers and look at competition thru RFIs and RFPs; Hydra in a Box open opportunity and certainly DiscoveryGarden
  2. Fedora Futures and Strategies
    1. focus for the last 3 years has been replacing F3 so what do we want to focus on now? Do we want for the next phase.
    2. proposal - discussion and goals for 2015 is being captured in the proposal document
      1. Vision
        1. we probably have 500 or so counting Fedora, Hydra, Islandora
        2. what would it take to have 1000 "verified" users in 2 years
        3. what should our target audience be?
        4. should be called a platform rather than a system
        5. a call for focusing fedora on services based on standards - explained well and then communicating use cases
        6. potential statement that we could all leverage
          1. Fedora supports the world's leading research and learning institutions, cultural heritage organizations, government and commercial entities.
          2. The Fedora platform delivers a stable foundation for a variety of systems and services, including locally hosted services built using Hydra, Islandora and other software stacks, as well as cloud-hosted and vendor-hosted service offerings.
          3. Lower risk, more choice, increased flexibility to meet today's needs and tomorrow's challenges and an active community pushing the boundaries
          4. Innovation by the community, shared with the community
          5. integration of technologies which align with our principals and ensures the stability of the relationships with those who provide those technologies
      2. Deployment & Upgradation
        1. identify and implement a strategy of tracking adoption
          1. make it easy for people to register by putting a link on the splash page
          2. could we hire someone to verify registry, mine mailing list
          3. does Christy do any of this?
          4. cannot automatically register
        2. Overall we want to focus on identifying and showcasing successful examples and using that to drive future development
        3. 6-10 reference implementations? we are more concerned about how an implantation is leveraging the functions and features at scale rather than the number;
        4. want at least 4 upgradations
      3. Technology - We want to continue to combine momentum with Fedora, Hydra and Islandora toward mutually beneficial innovative direction of common strategies
        1. Current cross project work
          1. Camel
          2. LDP
          3. etc
        2. Harden code and provide evidence of real world production 
      4. Community
        1. Markets
          1. museums
          2. @Mire (Mark Dickory, Chris Wilper) and Cherryhill are a couple of vendors that are focused on markets in areas of the world we want to expand in
          3. are we going to make our targets for 3+ international events and 3+ non-library events? yes on international, need to identify non-library, museums are covered
          4. we need to identify vendors and information for outreach 
          5. we will consciously move toward interest groups, working groups across Fedora, Hydra and Islandora
          6. we could also become more formal about the acknowledged relationship between Islandora, Fedora and Hydra
          7. Wolfram has offered to host a Duraspace event to highlight Fedora, VIVO, etc; could draw several hundred people
      5. Training
        1. pilot camp will inform what we can do next year; this year will offer 1 3-day at Duke and begin training the trainer
        2. we want to attract technical as well as non-devopers
        3. question - do we address a progression between curricula Fedora, Islandora and Hydra
          1. reach out to providers of training for each
  3. Governance - Election Strategy
    1. need to emphasize that SG members are individuals and not tied to institutions; SG will address each issue as it arises and determine any action to take concerning the seat of SG 
  4. Fedora 4.x Roadmap
    1. performance 
      1. metrics is one item that would be important to both Hydra and Islandora
      2. Oracle may be interested in testing against their storage solutions
      3. we are thinking that up gradations and green fields will lead the way on work to improve performance
  5. Developer Contributor Model
    1. Resource Commitments
      1. We have an issue to solve in getting resource commitments and showing evidence of those commitments
      2. Could we regularly email outstanding list of needs to all the lists to highlight needs 
      3. Confirm messaging related to governance/membership
      4. we need a subgroup to firm up issues and a good topic for  a leadership call
      5. Declan highlighted that he wants to be involved and has an example of how this can be a platform for budgeting time and travel budgets
  6. International Representation, Outreach and Adoption Strategy
    1. covered in goals of developing the training programs, identifying and attending events in 3+ international venues as well as 3+ non-library events
    2. David is working with Susan on further outreach in Australia
    3. One Hong Kong member running both Fedora 3 & 4
    4. Recommended to work toward Cleveland and SF-MOMA to showcase a few museums to watch and begin to make progress in that community
    5. CollectionAccess may hold potential for museum contacts
  7. Data Mandates
    1. one main question is identifying what the mandates are for data submission to repositories and determine how that impact Fedora's direction
    2. Australia
      1. wants the grant information in the metadata visible
      2. metadata also needs to be deposited to the national Library
      3. data can be stored anywhere as long as the metadata points to it but there is more pressure to store all funded research data centrally
      4. data must be exposed and harvestable
      5. publications & data goes through Sympletic Elements to the repository; licenses are set in the faculty profiles
    3. Action could be to survey different international mandates
      1. where could these discussions be held - potentially a pre-CNI day for this discussion


  1. Review of 2015 goals draft further augmented by discussion above was approved
  2. Goals for 2016 and Beyond
    1. Marketing
      1. Imaging community member reported while reviewing DAM solutions, she shared that the website connecting to the wiki did not look like much of a product site
      2. Documents we create and use to inform managers could be valuable to the website
      3. 2015 goal could be a review of links to the wiki  or F3 and resolve
      4. 2015 to build some advocacy documentation and add to the website in 2016
      5. Perhaps we should modernize the website
      6. Suggestion to update content so the site does not go stale.
    2. Will move forward with forming small groups to address strategies for all of the 2016 goal categories 
  3. Call to formally review and approve the budget at the Dec meeting and form a blueprint for the following calendar year
  4. Roadmap all the integrations in which people are interested
  5. OAI-PMH - who is interested, where is it important and should we support? some interest; our current OAI optional module written by Frank worked fine for Susan's team; perhaps the European community could provide feedback on the optional module we have an also the one that we think could support collaboration with Dspace and others.


  • David Wilcox will pull together a list of current green fields and upgradation by the next leaders call
  • Declan Fleming and David Wilcox will compile a list of vendors and information to support outreach
  •  Stefano Cossu will work on a review of the website
  • Tom Cramer will contact Cliff Lynch to request a room for the Data Mandate discussion pre-CNI
  • Susan Lafferty will write up the Australian steps toward making funded research data visible and harvestable
  • Michael J. Giarlo will look into F4 performance issues and, if appropriate, engage Hydra and Fedora communities about corroborating/troubleshooting/resolving them