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  • Time: 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time US (UTC-5)
  • Call-in: DuraSpace conference line
    • 1-209-647-1600, 117433#



  1. Review current status
    1. Assigned actions
    2. Unresolved questions
    3. Proposed requirements
  2. Set timelines for completing assigned actions
  3. Set date for finalizing requirements
  4. Creating JIRA issues for implementation
  5. Testing and validation


Review current status


  • Need to restate queries in plain language

  • Query for events at repository level and resource level


  • REST API would not be used to POST internal events - only external

  • Use case: bulk operations. Give me all the resources that were ingested on a given day

    • To what extent should the repository support queries as opposed to exporting to a triplestore for the queries?
      • Should probably limit querying within Fedora and focus on exports
  • Scheduling exports

    • Could be done with an external tool

Events and event agents

  •  External events

    • Use case: pull in audit history form F3

    • Creation vs. migration: the date an object was created in a previous repository vs. the date it was imported into F4

      • The repository will record a system date for when the resource is created/migrated, but a semantically meaningful created date could also be supplied


  • The recommendation is to use PROV-O in combination with PREMIS
    • There are too many PREMIS classes. These can be used as sub-classes of 3 PROV-O classes
    • Internal data model should be informed by PREMIS so we can map to that level of granularity without trouble

Next steps

  • Review events and agents

    • Make sure they cover your needs
    • Suggest edits as necessary

    • Need to push this investigation deeper
    • Find out who else is implementing these ontologies
  • Queries

    • Need to translate queries into plain language
    • Add any final comments to unanswered questions
    • Offline discussion on the mailing list re: what we will support from the repository perspective
  • Schedule another call before implementation starts (March 30)
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