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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:



  1. Developer's track at OR2015 - what do you want to see?
  2. 4.0 release update
  3. 3.8 release update
  4. fcrepo-camel update
  5. Current sprint
  6. New documentation space


  1. Developer's track at OR2015 - what do you want to see?
    1. David: Not a lot of developers participating in the developer challenge, so this year the committee wants to have a parallel developer track, with presentations, workshops, hands-on, etc.
    2. Andrew: Where does this fit in with the different parts of the conference? David: not overlapping with interest groups.
    3. Esme: Hard to predict far in advance, so unconference format might work better.
    4. David: Plenty of time to gather ideas, will post to the list seeking more input.
  2. 4.0 release update
    1. Andrew: Focusing on cleaning up documentation and fixing bugs that come up during this sprint.  Aim for clean package at the end of next week.
      1. 4.0 release candidate around 11/22.  Final release on 11/27 or shortly after.
  3. 3.8 release update
    1. Andrew: Release will happen shortly.  Ben will do the release and Scott will update the documentation.  Some minor errors with release plugin, but should work through in the next few days.
  4. fcrepo-camel update
    1. Andrew: Lots of work going on.  Improving test coverage (see Sonar) before moving from fcrepo4-labs to fcrepo4.
      1. Some overlap with fcrepo-message-consumer, should ultimately replace the message consumer.
    2. Aaron: One big difference is that the message consumer is that it provides functionality right out of the box, but the camel approach requires more development to get running.
    3. Andrew: Maybe we should package up a triplestore or Solr configuration so it's as easy as the message consumer.
    4. Aaron: Camel approach doesn't have functionality to do full reindex.
    5. Stefano: That's useful functionality, so we should figure out how.
    6. Aaron: Could having a small program to walk through the repository and send messages to trigger the camel workflow.  This could be part of an endpoint bundled with a deployment WAR file.
  5. Current sprint
    1. Mike: finished issues related to HTML view, looked at Modeshape indexing options but may not help repository count/size (may be able to get some other way), indexing options should help with OAI provider, will move on to that depending on other tickets.
      1. Andrew: indexing may be helping repository object count/size query since it performs so well compared to filesystem federation.
      2. Mike: But maybe the repository is just in a better data structure that allows easy retrieval.  Filesystem hasn't been indexed.
      3. Esme: Hard to get events, so an index isn't much help if you have to check the disk for updates anyway.
      4. Mike: Nigel did have an event-based implementation, so we could look at that again, but we probably don't want to spend too much effort trying to replicate all Modeshape functionality for federated filesystem.
      5. Mike: We could document the queries to get the object count (and maybe size) from an external triplestore.
    2. Osman: Have a PR with comments from Adam, documentation work, adding ITs to kernel-impl.  Wasn't able to get Sonar working locally.
      1. Andrew: Arron just installed Sonar locally, so he might be able to help you.
      2. Osman: Checking functionality relative to docs and fixing docs.
      3. Andrew: Some issues with tests, possible performance issue with how ITs are run.
      4. Osman: IT performance doesn't seem worse.
    3. Yillin: Working on REST API documentation.  There are a lot of sub-pages, so looking at breaking down tickets by sub-page to make it better aligned.
      1. Andrew: Makes it easier to review, and for other developers to pick up individual sections.  Make sure to try out all the variations, check headers, etc.
    4. Andrew: New bug in AJAX handler in HTML to send browser to fcr:metadata describing binaries.  This was working shortly, but then stopped.
  6. New documentation space
    1. New space to hold official release docs.  Will be moving lots of docs over there soon.
    2. After the 4.0 release, we'll copy to 4.1 for active iteration going forward.