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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:



  1. 3.8 Release plan
  2. 4.0 Release plan
  3. Camel component review status
  4. AuthZ hierarchy permissions
  5. Collapse Fedora4 namespaces?
  6. (optional) "blocking" event hooks possibilities? (as per conversation in
  7. ...



3.8 Release Plan

  • All work appears to be done
  • No one has tested the OAI provider
  • Will discuss with Ben later today
  • Need to plan out release process

4.0 Release Plan

  • Finish up feature level development this week
  • Next sprint: focus on documentation and testing
  • Put out Beta-4 release
  • How do we serialize properties?
    • Serialize as strings, which will also encode RDF types
  • Pagination
    • Too many open questions, probably won’t get in 4.0
  • What does everyone think of the plan?
    • *crickets*

Camel Component Review Status

  • Some tests need to be cleaned up
  • Need to finish up some helper utilities
  • Once these things are done, it should be ready to announce
  • Currently uses custom client to interact with HTTP API
    • Should use existing Java client for this
  • We should move away from the message consumer in favour of this component
  • Stefano: Will repository events be emitted by federated resources?
    • Andrew: Probably not - need to check
    • ModeShape may support this, which could be extended into Fedora

AuthZ Hierarchy Permissions

  • If you have a parent node and a child node, and you want to create an ACL that would allow someone to create a grandchild, this works

Collapse Fedora4 Namespaces

  • For clarity and simplicity
  • No longer necessary to have these namespaces split

Blocking Event Hooks

  • Data/structural validation
  • Pre-commit hooks
  • Redirect workflow and transform content based on certain conditions
    • Validate relationships of object being created against a set of rules
  • How to make a pluggable, configurable element
  • Need to put together initial design docs, gauge interest
  • Use case page: Use case: transform application workflow 

indexing:indexable Mixin

  • Mixin names have been capitalized, but the message consumer still uses lower case
  • We should be consistent here


  • Project plan and prospectus created
  • Identified instituions to provide support
  • Mark will try to drum up money and developer support
  • Goal is to start in January and have a beta by OR2015
  • Funding is to hire a lead developer and pay for developer time