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Performance summary

Single node

Properties CRUD

Objects CRUD

Large file

  • Upload and Download as large as 1-TB via REST-API
  • Likewise, using Federation
  • Range retrieval verified on 1-TB on repo and federation

Large numbers

  • Tested up to 10-millon objects
  • Performance degrades linearly in proportion to:
    • number of children of a resource
    • number of resources in the repository
  • Federation
    • ~3000 files in a directory before performance degradation
    • 16.7 million object in 4-level hierarchy out-performs 3-level directory hierarchy


  • Up to 100,000 version of a single object created
    • Timing collected for each new version creation
  • Timing collected for creating new version of object with multiple datastreams

Flat hierarchy

  • Benchtool results are suspect
  • Steady increase in response time as more children objects added to single parent
  • Tests also included with transactions in use


  • Read, update, delete tests performed
  • Impact of AuthZ is 10% or less

F3/F4 comparison


  • Load balancing over 3-F4 servers rotates serving requests as expected
  • New servers can be added, existing servers can be removed
  • Note: cluster was running on single machine
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