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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:



  1. Model Validation proposal
  2. Large files - where are we today?
  3. Clustering verification at UCSD
  4. Triplestore use cases review
  5. Ontology updates from previous sprint
  6. other...


  1. content modeling and validation -  A. Soroka
    2. use SPARQL queries instead of JCR for validation
    3. although not recommended, could continue to use CND
    4. examples from ARTIC experiences
    6. will update wiki then will have a special conference call in near future
  2. Large Files - Unknown User ( and Eric
    1. federation and large files work close to hand off for testing
    2. unexpected behavior of mapping directories in config file repository.json is an outstanding issue; Eric will create a ticket
    3. REST API will be retested for large files -Esme
    4. will be updating wiki  - Esme
    5. curl uploading is limited to memory size
  3. Clustering - Unknown User (
    1. UCSD has four node cluster running without issues
  4. Triple Store Use Cases
    1. reursive retrieval works in SPQARL 1.1 query such as was used in Mulgara walk function
    2. dcoumented on wiki
  5. ontology recap - A. Soroka
    1. looking from feedback from the community


  • A. Soroka to set up content modeling call, open to broader community input