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Content Models


Title and Link





The unique name of the software or project, linked to a URL providing more information.

One-line description

Released or Unreleased

Fedora 2.2.x or Fedora 3.x

Individual and/or Organization

CiriloA Java application for content preservation and data curation in Fedora repositories including pre-defined content models



Fedora 3.xZentrum für Informationsmodellierung - Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities

Experience with Content Models

This is an area to share more descriptive information about local experience with content models. Note that some of these links are to information that precedes the Content Model Architecture that came with Fedora 3.0.

These links refer to information that was added before version 3.0.

How to Participate

Feel free to add any Mailing lists, blogs, regular calls, IRC channels, etc. used by people working on this type of project.

If you don't know where else to look, check the Create Forum and use the fedora-commons-create google group.

Types of Developers & Skills

What type of developers work on projects like this? What skills do they usually draw on?

Useful Documentation

Where can you find useful documentation for working on this type of project?

Best Practices

Does it irk you when people keep doing things the "wrong" way? Document the best practices here and they'll (hopefully) learn!

Challenge Areas & Hot Topics

The schema for content models that is distributed with Fedora is considered to be a reference implementation of a way to define content models but it is intended to be easily adapted to support other methods. Here are other approaches:

What challenges and roadblocks so people hit when working on these types of projects? What topics and ideas do they get really excited about?

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