End User Apps: Simple Interfaces to Complete Solutions

These are end-user facing solutions that address a specific use case or range of use cases.


This registry includes known community-developed software designed as complete solutions that work with recent releases of the Fedora Commons Repository Software (2.2.x and 3.x).

Know of anything that's not listed? Please add it below! And don't hesitate to add a project that is just getting started; it is good for the community to know what each other is working on.

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Fedora 2.2.x or Fedora 3.x

Individual and/or Organization

CiriloA Java application for content preservation and data curation in Fedora repositories including pre-defined content models



Fedora 3.xZentrum für Informationsmodellierung - Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities


Provides a semantic overlay for aggregating and relating online resources (such as publications, datasets, authors, discussions, etc) using OAI ORE resource maps (demo site / flash demo).

Released 2011-12-05

Fedora 3.x

SURFfoundation / University of Twente


An eResearch environment developed specifically for use by scientific and scholarly communities.

Released 2011-04-06

Fedora 3.x

Matthias Razum, FIZ Karlsruhe


A Python FUSE model that allows you to mount a Fedora repository as a file system

Released 2011-06-03

Fedora 3.x

Rebecca Sutton Koeser, Emory University Libraries


A web interface for Fedora that allows you to configure, publish or archive documents of any type, sustainably.

Released 2009-01-30

Fedora 2.2.x

Christiaan Kortekaas, University of Queensland


Fedora Learning Object Repository Interface is a web front-end for Fedora, specialized in managing learning objects and their metadata.

Released 2008-01-10

Fedora 2.2.x

Thijs Schnitger, Func. Internet Integration


Reference Example of a hydra Head

Released 2011-03-16

Fedora 3.x

Universities of Hull, Stanford, and Virginia


A Drupal module that allows users to view and manage objects stored in Fedora

Released 2011-11-17

Fedora 3.x

Paul Pound, UPEI Robertson Library


A web front-end for Fedora focusing on flexible access control

Released 2008-12-09

Fedora 2.2.x, Fedora 3.x

Nishen Naidoo, Macquarie Univsersity


A web interface providing search and browse for a FedoraCommons and Solr powered archive

Released 2008-04-01

Fedora 3.x

Ben O'Steen, Oxford


An OAIS-compliant, service-oriented digital repository system designed to preserve government authentic digital objects.

Released 2009-07-29

Fedora 3.x

Luis Faria, Portuguese National Archives

The Fascinator

A front end to Fedora commons repository that uses Solr to handle all browsing, searching, and security.

Released 2011-05-01

Fedora 2.2.x, Fedora 3.x

Australian Digital Futures Institute, University of Southern Queensland


Wikidora extends JSPWiki by replacing the persistence layer with a digital object repository, in this case Fedora.

Released 2009-02-22

Fedora 3.x

University of Applied Science Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

Knowledge Management System (SGC)

Public interface for finding objects and private interface for editing digital objects and content models. Knowledge management system, document manager and bibliographic records manager.

Released 2012

Fedora 3.x

PCP Informática, Soft y Consultoría, S.L., Salamanca, Spain.

Related Software:


Provides a rich, faceted search, browse and view application for repository content

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