Bleeding Edge

This documentation covers bleeding-edge updates to the 6.x version of Fedora. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

The following projects offer reproducible deployment tooling and environments.


# the latest bleeding edge updates
docker run -p8080:8080 --name=fcrepo fcrepo/fcrepo

# a particular version
docker run -p8080:8080 --name=fcrepo fcrepo/fcrepo:<tag>

# See for all available tagged versions

Also see Database Cache for details on how to set up different backend databases and for configuration options.

Amazon Web Services (Elastic Beanstalk + RDS + EBS)

git clone
cd fcrepo-aws-deployer

terraform apply -var 'aws_profile=<your aws profile>' -var 'ec2_keypair=<your keypair>' -var 'aws_artifact_bucket_name=<a new bucket name>' 

Also see  for all configuration options.

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