Current Release

This documentation covers the current version of Fedora. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

The Fedora User Guide is meant to help any Fedora users, particularly those who are not administering or developing a Fedora instance, understand more about working with Fedora as a digital repository. Real examples and recommendations are provided by institutions, organizations, and communities using Fedora now.

Example Content Model

Includes examples of use cases contributed from different institutions showing different ways to model content in Fedora.

Metadata Recommendations

Fedora can store metadata in any format, including common formats like XML and JSON. Additionally, Fedora enables RDF properties to be defined for objects it stores or references. This includes all types of metadata, such as technical, rights, provenance, and descriptive. Managing this metadata in Fedora means considering how best to make use of RDF and Linked DataAlso included are metadata recommendations and mapping recommendations from different community efforts using Fedora.

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